Stripes Very rude!!!

Ok sorry folks i am writing this one for the wife who was pissed off at stripes today during the national anthem and i have to agree as well. During the singing of our national anthem you should stand tall with pride but stripes looked like a clown dancing around and i found it to be very dispespectfull and whoever is under that costume should be ashamed.

Ok i'm done

Oh brother!


he is a cat, he doesnt know its rude. He should behave for the anthem though, then he can scratch and claw. I am sure they will address it.

Who cares, its only an anthem. People take them far too seriously.

Excellent first post. :roll:

Troll or stooge?

LOL actually i was laughing. At least he enjoyed the tune. BTW Stripes came up to me for a high five well TC "too cool" strolled right on by.

Anthem isn't necessary anyway. If they play the Canadian they should play the American also.

why the American anthem?? There are no American teams in the CFL anymore.

There is no rule or law that states you have to do anything for the anthem so what is the issue? Is it because someone didn't live up to standards you have for others?

I am all for being a proud Canadian but its a choice people make and its their right to do so. You have to respect that right whether you agree with it or not.


In that situation I would say that you were more the troll. He said nothing against anyone.. you did.

I am just saying that the national anthem is something to be proud of and not something to mock which I felt stripes was doing.

It is all about respect for the National Anthem, the Flag, and the Country. In this case, the person playing Stripes showed absolutely NO respect at all.

8) I agree 100% with you "sigpig" !!!!
 It happened right in front of me and I commented to the person with me about it at the time !!!

 Very disrespectful !!!!

No rule or law that says you have to be a good respectful human being (or cat) but it is still a good idea

its not about rules or laws...Its called respect..its respecting the anthem to the best country on earth!!

I am compelled to add a comment here - I agree with Hendy77 wholeheartedly . . .

Zenstate chose to berate hendy77 for his comments against Travdes, but both Travdes' & Zenstate's comments clearly demonstrate that they are either eleven year old pre-pubescent boys, who haven't learned what it means to respect their country, or they are absolute morons . . .

someone else mentioned that people have the right to disrespect the anthem . . . I can't believe that anyone would be so ignorant to make such a statement in public . . . my 2 cents worth . . . I am not going to dignify these ignorant posts with any further response.

I didn't see what happened. But I have a feeling that Stripes couldn't hear or somehow otherwise didn't realize that the anthem was playing. Either way, whoever was inside of there is going to hear it now... :stuck_out_tongue:

It's called method acting - once you take the role, you become the character you're playing. But, as the previous poster said, his trainers will be all over him about it today. Look for signs of singed fur on Stripes at the next home game.

I usually take a "live and let live" attitude about most things, but the anthem ISN'T one of them. I agree completely with Sigpig and Tipper. It's all about respect.

To me, it's just as bad as the morons who choose to scream/talk or whistle during a moment of silence to honour someone who has passed away (It has happened during all of the moments of silence we've had in the past few years). It someone really that egocentric that they cannot keep their mouth shut for a minute or even during the duration of the anthem??