Stripes now sewn it to the ball

I had no idea about this. Seems like it is causing some adjustment for players, especially when the ball gets wet. I would have thought they would have trialed this more but it seems colleges in the States have used this.

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seems to be an overall posistive. :thup:

but did thay do a test when the ball was wet?

It did cause problems for our new centre during the preseason but he seems to have got it correct now.

I guess it would be an adjustment; having to get used to the new texture of the synthetic pigskin. But the real test will be in October and the playoff games to see if there’s actually more grip to it than previously.

If you look at it there have been some longs snaps that have gone over the head or to short. This occured in the rain by Calgary and Edmonton in tow different games. Could this be because of the stripes in the rain?

They spoke about it during fridays game. It seems to me it would have a better grip because the old balls had the stripes painted on

But they also mentioned that QBs who are accustomed to having their grip near the stripe may be adversely affected at first.....

It's all ways has been a challenge to play with a wet football in bad weather, and this new design will likely complicate matters more, but like it has already been stated, it's just going to take time to get used to it.

It would make sense but Godfrey Elis had no problems up until the game vs BC in the rain in Calgary. Then the Edmonton centre in fridays game had the same problem in the rain. Does not make sense!

one of the main reasons for the new ball was because in previous years when it raind, the strip on the ball would come off, and the ball would obviously be slippery...the only ppl i can see having trouble with it are the qb's cuz now its a different grip they have to get used to (before it was just flat, no theres a seem there where the sticthing goes)the punters and kickers love the new ball as it has way more grip as the old one..i dont think it should make a difference for the receivers...but maybe kamau peterson can finally snag a few this year :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems the centres are having problems with long snaps in the rain.

yea especially from what i saw from edmonton

The Calgary centere had the same problem the week before when they played BC in the rain.

When I saw the title of this thread, I wondered if someone with a cruel sense of humour had done something to the Ticat mascot!