Striking CBC employees blocking TV crew

Apparently, there are some striking CBC employees blocking the TV crew into Common Wealth. Their plan is to delay the crew from setting up for Saturdays game against BC. That was the report on 630 Ched this morning. They tried to do this last time the game was televised from Edmonton, but showed up late.

Not that it makes a difference but they are not on stirke.
They are locked out.

They are locked out...because the CBC is under our Government and by people who think that the CBC is a waste of taxes money.

no they are locked -out because the government has got other greater priorities like funding 'sponsorship programs' and the money to be wasted on EMPLOYEES ...that's for sure.... :shock:

Sorry but the sponsorship has nothing to do with anything. The CBC is federally owned and they never had a priority to make money.

Someone posted about a TSN interview that used 2 people and CBC using 8-10. The network just wants to be more efficient, prob because of the budget cuts, buts cuts is spending were long over due

well if you think that the money the government takes in has nothing to do with funding the CBC…OR THE sponsorship fiasco …then I think you better get the facts straight …it’s the same BLOODY money…TAXES OUT OF YOUR POCKET AND MINE…

I was not condoning the sponsorship.
Your post "seemed" to say that if not for the wasted money on the sponsorship the CBC budget would not have been cut.
I am saying that waste is waste and should be eliminated everywhere

I'm saying.....if you can find money for a debacle like the 'sponsorship scandal' you can bloody well come up with funding for the CBC..and you might consider employees wages as a waste of money and that's where we disagree...but an employee is an employee wherever the hell they work....and that includes the the people...

Can you explain what you mean by the network just wants to be more effiecient? Did you mean CBC or TSN. Because if this true this is a terrible use of employees by management. If TSN is using 2 people to do an interview no way should CBC be using 8-10. This is the first I heard of that though.

I have heard other horror stories about unions though. The city of Regina is on strike right now. But when they were working they would send 5 guys to do a job when only 2 were needed. The 5 were sent because each guy has a specific task to perform and if another guy does another employee's task a grievance is filed. So basically the other guys stand around waiting for each guy to perform each task when they could have just been doing it themselves.

Paying the people is not exactly the issue either. The union has agree to the wage increases but will not sign the contract because of the contracting issue.

Pay the people?????
To what end? Because it is run by the government the wages should be limitless? Should a guy who sweeps the floor(no disrespect here) make $100,000 a year because the Gov. has the money. No they should not. The CBC should be run with the goal of making a profit that would be returned to the taxpayer coffers not a bottomless pit to be filled by our hard earned money.

The thing about contracters is that they provide a better product because they know that if they dont, the contract will not be renewed.

You must have got some employees from the City of Vancouver. I'll never forget 5-6 years ago two guys early 20's shoveling like crazy and 6 other workers, leaning on their shovels watching....Too funny!

I wish I could remember the post but someone stated that they were involved or was at a sports interview where TSN brought the interviewer and cameraman while the CBC brought 8-10 people. Ya pay the people great idea.

One union example I see almost daily. I live across the street from a park. Every few days a pickup truck comes along to remove the garbage bags from the garbage cans. The truck stops 2 guys get out, one guy removes the bag while another replaces it with a fresh one. all along the driver never moved. The truck then moves along to the next one, same 2 guys jump out same guy removes same guy replaces driver never moves. Don't you think this could have been done by one person?

Another example and may the Als never win another game if I am lying but I swear I have seen city employees watering city flowers in the rain.

But hey the municipal government has money(well the taxpayers does anyways) so pay the people.

I'd sure like to know where that 100 grand a year job for sweeping floors is ... I'll go apply for it.....there is no difference in working for the public or private enterprise....I have worked for both ...union and no-union...and I'll tell you... you will find waste in both and idolant workers in lets cut the crap.....the only difference I have ever seen between the two is the govt. screws you over with a smile... :slight_smile:

I am not saying that they are making that kind of money but where I work they make well over 50. How long before the pay the people attitude brings it to 100.

You are right about waste in both private and public corporations but in private its the owners money in public its our money.

The CBC should be disbanded. It's a complete waste of money...or, if they want to be public, they can be directly funded by the public, in the same way PBS is.

and our money in govt. is supposed to provide a service not generate a profit...though that would be great......and as far as contracting out of municipal jobs to private...look at the rates when the private guy comes in the door and then when the contract is up and it's time to jack-up the rates ...who is going to pay that bill....I think it's the taxpayer....right now our municipality has given a contractor the boot....and is now seeking ways to get it back under govt. control....if you want a worse case scenario go look up the Walkerton case in Ont. privatizing water service from govt. hands... ...not something to be copied.

Not really ro, in the north east area of the Peg, they contracted garbage pick up out, the vote was in city councill has signed a tentative deal worth 24% more than the orginal cost of city employees doing the pick up...the only waste here is private biusness sticking it to the city coffers...

The CBC should do both. If TSN or CTV or Global can why cant the CBC.
The Walkerton example is a good point. Consider it the exception that proves the rule. As for the contractor jacking up the prices, let him try. A company we will no longer require your services as we have found a better quality at a better price.

Lets me honest you will shop around for better prices products and services, should not the Government and Government corporations do so as well?

BC's insurance corporation (provincial gov't) is suppose to be a non profit organization but they have profitted $1.2 billion (I think) in the past 12 months and will not lower insurance rates for drivers but have decided to put a rate freeze for the next year but I did get a cheque back from them for $104.

I could care less about politics anymore. The gov't, federally or provincially, are gonna screw you either way.

Just like the federal income tax was suppose to help fund the World War and to be eliminated after the war but for some reason, Canadians are still paying it.

the only problem rolo is that when a contractor comes in in our case... to do city work which requires expensive most cases the equipment is sold by the city ...and to recover it after a contractor is terminated is cost now you are stuck between a rock and a hard place and with this joker you no longer want to do your work....if someone else comes in the door the bid is usually lower....but what are you saving when they can't provide satisfactory work at acceptable levels....because they are trying to do the job for next to MAKE A PROFIT... no....contracting out... is not what it is painted up to the case of the CBC....they have a lot of issues....mostly being who is govt. of the day....and I'm not going there... :arrow: