Strike/No Strike

We’re getting closer to training camp. Do you think camps will start on time? Will the CFL and CFLPA agree on a new CBA?

Can the league, or the CFLPA really afford a prolonged strike or lock-out. My gut tells me, no, too many teams and too many players are basically pay-cheque to pay-cheque.

Been wrong before, but I just don’t see how either side can afford a work stoppage?

I know this. Over the years each time a Big League was hit with a prolonged strike or lockout, as a fan, I lost some interest for it from my life. Both live and TV events have had to replace me as a good positive statistic with new blood.

With all of Randy’s 2.0 plans, a work stoppage would be a disaster ! Not going to happen unless management goes all “bad faith bargaining” and the players say “Enough already !”

Cooler heads will prevail . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Henry thinks training camp isn’t going to start on time. I’m not a fan of Henry but his perspective is interesting.

From 3downnation.

Burris also thinks he's "saved" every team he's played for.

So he'll forgive me if I think his opinion is valueless, I trust.

News today of an alliance that might have a greater effect on pro football in Canada than the the last alliance (AAF), we discussed here, had on the game in the U.S.:

Wow...a counterpunch from the CFLPA to the last salvo from the league. Let’s hope calmer heads prevail and they get a good deal for both sides done on time.

A TSN video wrap-up report on this week's bargaining sessions in Toronto:

Training camps in Ontario and Alberta should open on schedule. Those in other provinces likely won't, if an agreement is not reached before then:

There will be no strike/lockout …not enough money in the league.

Our league minimum salary is chump change and needs to be raised. It would entice better talent to try out the league and even stay long term. The quality of the game would be even better than it already is now.

CFL PA tell players "Prepare to Report" to camps!

I hope this means what I think this means.

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