Strictly speaking as a CFL fan...

Moh –mennnnn-tum is the catch phrase of the Lions coach. The Lions have moh-menn-tum for sure. But will it be enough to stop a team that is 15 and 3, scored 600 points in the regular season, had the fewest number of points scored against and repeatedly blew away the opposition? 600 points is an average of almost 34 points per game for those stats buffs out there.

Statistically speaking, Montreal should have this game but then one has to think of the previous 2 meetings where the point spread was only 4- 7 points. That cannot be overlooked. What do the Lions have going for them?

Printers, Gerory Simon, P. Jackson, Grice-Mullen, Smart, Mallet, White, Arceneux. I could list more but I think you get my drift.

Printers’ ability to throw on the run, avoid being sacked and at times his uncanny ability to turn huge losses into huge gains adds a whole new weapon to B.C.’s arsenal.

Unless all the wheels fall off, B.C. has the personnel to wrack up the points and to get the job done. And… they have moh-mennn-tum! Except for the poor showing against Edmonton a couple of weeks ago, which was for obvious reasons, the Lions are a different team since Printers arrived. Calgary and Saskatchewan are no slouches and the Lions could have taken both of those games.

Even if Montreal had won both of its games against the Lions it would have been by a slim margin. But Calvillo is a very intelligent player that can tear to shreds a defence especially with the short game. I really like the guy. He is a classy player! This game may well be decided in the first 15 minutes. It will be the first quarter that will set the tone for the rest of the game. If the Lions can keep it close after 15 minutes then I think they have a good chance of taking the game. Montreal does not have it in the bag. And if the score were 40-7 by the first half for Montreal it would make for a very dull second 1/2 of football.

With a record like Montreal’s + guys like Calvillo, Cahoon and Cobourne and 55,000+ raving fans all cheering Montreal on, the Lions had better keep their foolish penalties to a minimum or Montreal will walk all over them. Me thinks it is not going to happen though. I think it will be a close game unless one team stumbles out of the starting blocks.

If Montreal should win then the universe will be unfolding as it should. I will be cheering for Montreal if they advance.

With close to 60 000 fans at Olympic Stadium to see the Eastern Final it is great for the CFL regardless of who wins. And that is what football is all about.