Strictly for my own information

Has any team in the CFL (or NFL for that matter) had as many players suffer broken legs in 1 season. 6 seems like a pretty high number to me.
On a side note, Im thinking of sending a crate of milk to taylor field.

of the top of my head i can't think of a team with more.

yeah is calcium in short supply in Riderville or is it a case of frailitis?

I cant remember if it's the Riders trainer or some other teams trainer.....but he said that in 35 years he had only seen two!!!
Still it's better to break you leg then to have you ACL or MCL go.....Worst of Achilies tendon.
The fact that both Fantuz and Flick are already working out speaks volumes of how they are in fact lucky.... Go ask Tom Brady if he wishes the bone had snapped instead of the tendons.

Too much pilsner.

the two worst injuries are the microfracture surgery and the achilles tendon.

If the Riders suffer those two injuries.
The average receiver height, would be under five feet