Strickland's Back !

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Yes..i'll proudly wear his 3rd jersey that I bought this year.

And you should! Thats a good signing for you guys!

Good news.....anyone hear anything about the other free agents? Karikari is a must!

It looks like Karikari is going to listen to all the teams before he decides or signs.

things to seem to be going alright with Stewart as well. Hopefully Karikari will come back. Karikari could be our only free agent this year. Wow this might finally be the year we dont get pillaged

What makes you say things are going alright with Stewart? You heard something? I personnally am worried that Stewart said he wanted to re-sign before becoming a free agent but hasn't still talk about any deal.

I want him to stay.

Looks like he's waiting for an NFL offer...from what RDS said the other day.

If no offers are coming to him, he'll probably sign again with the al's.

As for Stewart...he's a must...sign him, and make him play as a starter...don't bull$hit him, like they did this year.

We also have to remember Rob Brown, who at the end of the season even if he's got 1 year left on his contract, wnated out, or will retire, since he doesn't want to be bounced around also....That guy is also very important for our D..they should sit down with him, and clarify the situation.

RDS was saying he rejected 2 offers from the Al's..couldn't agree on salary...but he's still waiting for another offer...we'll see !

What I heard was that him and popp have been trading voicemails and any talk is a good thing.