Strickland released

Came here with good references :roll: .....guess he didn't show us enough.....The cut-down has begun... :expressionless:

ahh well, im sure in the next week or so there will be plenty more people released.

yep. had to come to this point eventually... i think the coaches are really high on shelton being the return man this year, and i dont blame them.. and with the emergence of jeffers-harris, combined with chris davis has been about as good as strickland and has cfl experience, makes this not really surprising... i liked the kid, but thats football.... as far as the cuts go i think there will be a few that will seem way more out of place than this one...

i agree. i see some head scratching cuts also coming. not sure why..

heres the question.. which qb between dimichele and brink gets "injured" next week so they can be put on "ir".

I think Brink could come down with a mysterious toe injury. DiMichelle seems to have been more impressive in camp and during the game against Montreal. The media reports and fan write-ups I've seen regarding Pierce and DiMichelle are mostly quite positive while Jyles seems to have been up and down and Brink doesn't get mentioned much. I guess the game on Sunday will dictate what happens. If Jyles doesn't play well he might want to start worrying about his #2 spot. I suspect Brink will get in before DiMichelle on Sunday because of the "error" last week. I still don't like the glaring at the receivers who dropped the passes thing that Brink was doing last week.

......i have to agree on the 'glaring' thing....That's no-way to create a good working relationship with receivers...Lapo also did some 'pep' talking with all concerned when they hit the sidelines (especially with the two canuck receivers who dropped the ball)..I would say that Brink was probably frustrated as he was positioned last, had waited awhile to get his shot....and bang ...his passes were on the money and dropped....He didn't have to 'stare down' his teammate though....That gets you nothing :thdn: