Strickland done for the season

Als lose the only experienced linebacker on the roster....

Good recovery Tim...

And he said he doesn't think he'll be back next year. Thanks Popp.

I guess not. I was reading that Popp pushed the 9 game disabled list form to him and said "Sign here". Same thing he did to Don Matthews....

Strickland shouldn't have signed that form, he probably regrets it...

This team is divided. We'll see monday. Its in the players hands now. In the end they are going to decide.

I agree with you. The only way this team is going to do anything is if the players agree to play for each other.

Funny thing is, I am not sure what bothers me more, Popp's lack of coaching ability or his arrogance which I believe is contributing just as much to losing the locker room.

I'm just going to follow jack Bedell's lead and try to be a "good" fan.

Popp asked for a season and what fans think don't matter much and have little positive impact so it is in the players hands there is five games left, 3 of the last 4 on the road. Let's see what they have...

Hamilton is 0-7 on the road so there is zero excuse for losing to them at home.

They then have to play Back to back against Toronto, as a fan I expect a split.

They then go play a Calgary team that has fired his DC and playing without its starting QB. I expect a win.

They then go to Winnipeg to close out the season. Winnipeg has beaten Montreal consistently this year and while Winnipeg will be a favourite there is a good chance they will be protecting some assets by sitting them and will not show Montreal much.

I think 3-2 record for the last five games and finishing the season at .500 get's them in the show. depending how they do against Toronto will determine if they get a home game.

Should they lose to Hamilton they would travel to Toronto with a knife under their collective throat playing on the road friday with two day of practice. Their season could be over friday. Sitting at 6-9 behind Toronto at 8-7 and their destiny in the hands of Edmonton who own the tiebreaker but play BC twice, Saskatchewan before closing the season in Hamilton.