Strevvy activated!

One for 85 yds & another for 71 Yds. 163 rushing total. Saw the 'garbage time ' comment coming a mile off. :smiley:

In fairness, the Stamps and RIders have now had 120 minutes of consecutive garbage time.

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Garbage time' is an opportunity for some players to show their stuff. It somewhat offends me to have people saying that what they do show, given their opportunity, is tainted, & has no merit.

I wouldn’t say it has no merit. It does give teams a chance to look at their backups. No matter how you slice it though, it is still an exhibition game generally against B and C team players. That’s not useless and nice plays can still be made. I just don’t think you can compare it to facing live bullets, especially playoff bullets.


True, but those B & C players are all pro athletes & have all paid their dues just to be there. Most are the 'next man up' who can often fill a position with no appreciable loss in talent. Many could be starters on other teams, like your Agudosi. You can call it ' garbage' but really it represents a very small fraction in terms of reduced talent on the field. The difference in talent between a starter & a back-up can often be pretty small, & can in some instances just be a ratio thing.

I would agree that some backups have paid their dues and don’t represent a huge drop off. I think though that numerous backups and raw rookies on the field often do represent a huge drop off. At some of the most skilled positions such as QB and receiver any backup can be a huge drop off. A full garbage time game, like an exhibition game, doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t think the level of play is the same. Plus there is a notable absence of the best players actually playing for something. I know there are many who don’t mind watching this, but I am in the camp that doesn’t find it very appealing.


Just to contrast your point, often the "next man up" creates a huge hole or is a massive drop in talent from the starter. See the Riders D Line as an example when Lanier went down.

Often in "garbage time" this is less apparent, because their opposite matchup is also a backup, so the talent drop appears to be less than it really is.

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It can, yes, sometimes drastically (think Rourke) but I'll disagree with the word 'often'. We've sometimes seen the 'next man up' steal the job permanently.

Interesting this week that Mike White gets promoted to #2.

Streveler getting activated might mean there's a small opening, if White makes a mess of his opportunity and Flacco is now 37 years old, I wonder if there's a chance of cuts/retirement at the end of the season so Strev moves to at least third-stringer?

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