Strengths & Concerns For Your Team

For the Riders, the loss of key players on defense will be something to watch. Larry Dean was supposed to be the replacement for Elimimian and Freddie Bishop for Charlston Hughes. I believe they have some up and comers on defense but still some tough blows before the season even begins.

On offense, they've lost some key guys on the o line. That'll be interesting to see but they've also brought in some studs as well. I expect a more explosive offense with Jason Maas as their OC.

100 % true ticats do have extra depth at oline if needed

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Receiving corps

As of now the linebacking corps will have a new starter at MLB and SLB. Maybe it will be a weakness and maybe it won't.

Looks like a lot of rookie DBs too and the kicking game is a question mark.
Ticats could score a lot of points and have a lot of points scored against them.

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Michael Domagala did kick a 52 yard field goal today at camp

Rookie DB's ?? You mean the likes of a Frankie Wiliams , Jumal Rolle , Cariel Brooks , Tunde Adeleke , Ciante Evans , Mke Daly ?

Not quite sure where you got the idea about an inexperienced Secondary from . If anything the backfield on Defence DB wise is one of our strengths and quite possibly one of the best if not the best depth wise in the league .

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Bombers were to reliant on one guy because of a lousy QB who could not throw down field, coupled with a OC in lapolice who did not scheme to throw more than 10 yds. This will be different with Collaros and Pierce. Bigger concern is him staying healthy

clearly @mikem didn't look at the roster fully , since yes there is multiple rookie DB's at training camp but there no doubt trying to earn roster spots as a back up or practice roster spots . Ticats have experienced DB's at starters , though lacking some depth with some players retiring though

You are right, I looked at the list of DBs and saw a bunch of rookies but missed the vets.
Okay I change my outlook on the team, concern would be LBs and kicking.
Been away from the CFL for so long can't remember some of these names!!

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yeah the team is lacking experience at LB and Kicker . LB there is Lawerence and Beverette , Jovan

Santos-Knox , Frey Jr and Newton with cfl experience . i wouldn't mind seeing Newton get more playing time outside of just mainly special teams plays

Along the lines of strengths for your team, pump the tires of someone on your team either coming in new with big expectations, or someone who will take a big leap on the field this year.
For the Bombers a couple to pay attention to will be guys that hardly saw the field lastyear, but are guarenteed to this year are backup QB McGuire and RB Oliveira.
On D, Kongbo will be one to watch as he showed alot of growth in his short time last year, and I'm expecting big things from him this year.
Last guy is Cam Meredith, WR who had big seasons in the NFL, but a knee injury cut that short. Can he rebound and be that deep threat the Bombers need?

Reilly showed how tough he can be in Edmonton, he got destroyed his first year there. Made us love him with grit and determination, the following year with line adjustments he dominated. He can do it again

Brayden Lenius. Came in 20 pounds lighter, faster and strong than 2019. I think he makes the leap

Ya, I just saw that article on the main page, that was why I was asking. Playing WR at 240? wow, thats heavy. Alot of Rider articles over the past few weeks (Rider fans need their fix, I get it), but is he the guy you'd say is the one to watch out for?

BTW - I never got to say G&W, I liked your attitude on the injuries - you gave no excuses and just said someone else has to step up. Some fans like to blame injuries too easily.

IMO it's make or break for him. When he was drafted there were high hopes for him. They let some of their vets go (Roosevelt, Arceneaux) so time to step up. I would also add Williams-Lambert in there now that he'll have a full year back in the system.

On defense, I talked about Idowu earlier. He or Micah Teitz is the next man up for Larry Dean. I think Idowu gets it done.. The Riders have scouted some studs at LB (Moncrief and Sam Eguoven) and think Idowu may be another hit there.

Looks like the Riders released Idowu. One possibility two LB spots going Canadian?

2 Canadian LBs? who would that be?
Moncrief and Eguoven are not on the Riders roster.

Micah Teitz and one of the Herdman-Reid bros or Mike Edem comes down to play strong side LB.

I know they aren't. Just showing the consistent scouting at that position.

Edem is a safety and Teitz is a backup LB and special teams player. I doubt they would go with even one Canadian at LB, there is no need for it.
The Riders like most teams will be trying to go with 5 Cdn O-linemen (first round pick in the 2020 Riley plus the experienced 4), the 1 Cdn receiver (likely harty or jana)and the Cdn safety (Edem) - the rest of the positions will be American.

When you have that much Canadian depth at linebacker, yes you can start one. Both Herdman-Reed brothers have gotten starts in this league and Teitz is in his third year. Plus Edem was given some time at strongside linebacker back in 2019, due to injury and he played well.

No, the Rider's were never trying to go with an all Canadian Oline. They have tried a couple of Americans at LT, with Boyko getting some reps at RT, but I'm sure they were always set on staring three in the interior.