Strengths & Concerns For Your Team

For the GREY CUP Champs (since 2020) some of the strengths will be the OLine is intact from that Cup run, and they're nasty. The best Canadain RB ever behind them, and that's a tough task to handle. Built for the cold weather, and with this season going deeper, that could be a big plus.
DLine is also very strong as showcased in the Final, and most of them returning.

Concerns: Every team faces a big hurdle if they're starter falls, but we all know the deal with Zac. Time off might have been great for him, but I do think that McGuire will play this year and is ready to show what he can do.
Losing Medlock will be hard no doubt, hopefully the new guy can make the clutch kicks. Secondary also has had questions for years, and is losing 2 starters from the last season played.

Overall this will be a team that will fight for top spot in the West if not the league, and will be focused on repeating.

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As for my Alouettes, I have more concerns. They lost some key players on both sides of the ball. Levels and Posey are two examples. Also Adams Jr despite his breakout year has to be more accurate. That said, Adams Jr could just as easily be a strength if he continues to mature. Having Stanbeck return is a definite plus, along with a still good receiver core. The kicking aspect also worries me.

I'd agree. VAJ will be the wildcard - the team will be depending on him maturing and taking a step forward. Offence though I think they'll be just fine, Khari will make sure of that. It's the other side of the ball that let them down in 2019, and I have no idea what changes have been made there.
Weak division though and don't have to be great to battle for 2nd.

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Weak but improved maybe. The Al’s and Argos could be a dogfight for second.

Makes me chuckle every time I see Adams Jr referred to as Vaj.

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Ya, we know the Ctas will be good, and I think the Al's have the inside track on 2nd, but have no idea on Argos/RB's.
And it really makes me chuckle when the broadcast team say VAJ :grinning:


Unfortunate initials indeed.

Bite your tongue. It's an insult to insult my Alouettes. They're more than the Beast in the East. They are the best in the entire league!

Adams Jr must really appreciate that Stegall used that abbreviation so much. :roll_eyes:
Even the other commentators told him to stop using it.

Probably the Ticats and Ottawa fighting for first, Als and Argos fighting for second

My concern for the Bombers is this. Reynolds wanted to get a big time target for Collaros & lost out on Burnham & Mitchell left. Harris is 34 & also had the most receptions. The Bombers are too reliant on one guy. As much as they wanted the whole gang back Streveler & his 700+ yd rushing contribution is gone, LaPolice is gone. And you mentioned the 2 All-Stars @ DB & Medlock. No small thing. But I do agree they should be in the mix to challenge for top spot because of their D. I don't think they're as good as last year. Backup QB is an issue for everyone except Hamilton, maybe Toronto.

For the Ticats, biggest question marks would be SAM lb and kickers. If Van Zeyl’s play drops off not sure that they have another fully capable Canadian for that spot. And losing Ryker Matthews at the other tackle spot leaves big shoes to fill. Other than that quite a bit of continuity through the roster. Receivers, dbs and Dline should be strengths.

Agreed on all points except for Van Zeyl . I will add though that another concern might be the lack of depth behind Big Teddy and Wynn on the interior of the line with both Wade and Dean retiring before TC .

As for the O-Line even at 37 yrs old I can't honestly see Van Zeyl's play dropping off that much plus we do have Okafor and others in the pipeline ready to step in if needed or called on .

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I really hope that you are correct. Go Als!

First person I’ve seen to say Ottawa can contend for the east.
Should be fun to watch.

B.C. Lions

Strengths - receiver (Bryan Burnham, Dominque Rhymes, Lucky Whitehead, and a great cache of Canadians in Lemar Durant, Shaq Johnson, and Jevon Cottoy), and QB (Michael Reilly). Defensive backfield should also be strong with the addition of Marcus Sayles.

Concerns - defensive line. Plenty of Americans with NFL pedigree and games played but little CFL experience, particularly on the interior. Ends should be fine with CFL vets Chris Casher and JR Tavai (formerly of the Redblacks). Kicker and punter is a big question mark too with the departure of reliable K/P Sergio Castillo.

Most over-rated concern is the offensive line. Unit settled in nicely when Kelly Bates replaced Bryan Chiu in the beginning of September (2019). Much was made about how imperiled Reilly was, but the lion's share of the sacks (pun intended) were given up under Chiu. Factor in the signing of ex-Tiger Cat Ryker Mathews at right tackle, the addition of the 2018 #3 overall draft pick in Peter Godber at centre (back from injury), and I am not concerned about this position.

As an Ottawa fan - like the fact there are quality coaches involved in the development of a new plan of attack and that there is an experienced QB. Defense is going to be a big improvement but was concerned with the depth at receiver after Sinopoli retired but bigger concern now is the depth on the O-Line with two more retirements late last week. Have faith in GM Desjardins - but this is were he will have to prove himself.

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Strengh: offensive being mostly the same of 2019, defensive line was upgraded, LB took a hit with Muamba's departure but the return of Ackie and Levels helps a lot.

Concerns: Adams Jr's constency and passing abilities, defensive backfield, kickers and national backups.

looks like Ticats do have a american DT who could back up Wynn i noticed Lee
Autry II listed on the roster so there is a little bit of depth there but not a ton

Agree on kicking, and defence especially. I thought Levels was gone! That is good news for sure.

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