Strength of schedule

For the other major sports in NA, one can find todate figures for Strength of Schedule to put present standings into greater perspective. Would be nice to have that for CFL.

For example, in spite of Esks standing, Strength of teams already played would be lower than possibly most.

Please repeat as lost in your meaning. Esks are the second best team today and with younger players will get better for sure as season moves forward. Most other teams are 3 or 4 steps behind them. Cheers

do you understand Strength of Schedule??

No that's why I asked you to explain Sir. Not sure, wouldn't ask if I knew, but cheers.

Strength of schedule displays the relative ease and or difficulty of a teams given match-ups during the regular season.

one example

Not the point

If every team plays every other team twice, plus two other games, how much influence can "strength of schedule" actually have? Especially when compared to the NCAA where there are dozens of teams, many of whom never play each other for years. the end of the season it will have sorted itself out, but during the season (we're only a third of the way through) SoS can definitely have an effect on standings...

...most of the games played thus far have been cross-division games (east vs. west) and as a result the standings are fairly compact, ie - not a lot of spread between the teams...the next six to seven weeks will be heavily slanted to inter-division games, and the impact on standings could be profound (division rivals each vying for that 2pt. W)....

Just to pick team names at random

What he means is

After 2 games both Calgary and WPG are undefeated 2-0 but Cal played Mtl twice and WPG played EDM twice

Cal and Wpg are tied for first but Cal played a much weaker team....


I have similar thoughts about "strength of schedule" (SOS) in regard to the CFL for the reason you describe.

SOS is used by the CFP committee as a factor in deciding who is chosen to participate in the NCAA football playoff because teams do not play a uniform set of opponents. In a league where there is a mostly balanced schedule like the CFL, SOS really serves no purpose IMO.
Even in MLS I think it is a bit of a stretch.

At best, SOS could be used WITHIN a season for the purpose of power rankings. I don't find power rankings particularly important, but some people argue vehemently about them, so SOS would be a valid factor in those I believe.

Strength of schedule is rather important for those betting on games. Do you bet on the team with the better record in the upcoming game without looking at the strength of the teams they played against? Probably not. And of course the opposite applies as well. Do you bet on the team with the best record to finish first without looking at the strengths of the teams they still have to play? Again, probably not (except maybe the Stamps, but the payout on them is likely pretty low).

Isn't this what power rankings are for?

Another way of looking at the same thing. Assuming the power rankings have some statistical backing and aren't just some guy's opinions.

Not really....How many time do you see team A ahead of team B....Team A beats team B and team B passes Team A in the rankings?

Its not an opinion...Its based on a formula that awards or removes points for various parts of the game

you earn points for passing yards and rushing yards and filed goals....lose for lost yards and fumbles...But if I remember correctly it makes no difference if you miss a 5 yards or 55 yards field goal.....fumble on your 5 or their 5

Also its cumulative....Right now Calgary is in first but if BLMgets hurt the team isno whereas strong(its an example don't start arguing how great their backup is or whatever)....but power rankings wont show that because of all the points the accumulated

Strength of schedule means less in the CFL than other leagues because everyone plays everyone else. The only team you don't play is yourself. So by the end of the season the best team will have played the easiest schedule. There are a few mild variations caused by each team playing one extra game against two opponents. But I'd bet that by end of the season, the top team played a schedule around .485 and the bottom team played a schedule around .515, with everyone else around .500.

Well said. I now see the points made. Thanks