Is there a live streaming service from TSN or from CFL, that I can watch from canada?
If not, why not? this is something done by all the other sports networks and most major sports leagues?


They did have this a few years back, but TSN bought the online rights along with TV in the most recent deal and I guess figure they make more money by forcing people to watch the game live on TV.

I can relate to this problem. last year I could watch some Rider games on the net here in the States. Tonight could be a late night glued to my computer listening to CKRM.

Well, there are some options for mobile streaming. I am not sure on the details, you would need to look into it:

there is a broadband service to watch them after they are played:

Sasktel Max plays has games on demand a couple weeks after they are played, and keeps games on for the duration of the season.

Those are the ones I know of. There are erm...less legitimate places to stream games live, though i never have...justintv

sorry...last link should be
Go there, then click Video Library,

With the exception of the Montreal @ Sask game in HD (they never had put that on up) all the games were up last year at latest 2 days later. Fortunately I have a Hauppauge HD PVR (and now the Colossus) that allows me to record them in full HD glory after editing out the commercials (stat: there are 21 commercial breaks during the average CFL game. 2/3's seem like they are the same Rona commercial over and over and over and ..... :stuck_out_tongue:)

Oh ya and it seems like there is someone always streaming them on Justin.TV live.

oh, and a friend also told me that sites such as justintv stream well on his smart phone. I wish Sasktel had the mobile tv pack similar to Bell and Virgin, not the "tv like programming" that they provide, which has no "real" channels.