Streaming Wars For Live Sports, Entertainment, and Gambling


Broadcast wins again over the cable paywall as streaming simulcast looms as a future option.


Makes sense as nothing can keep growing and Netflix had a hell of a head start but those with content libraries, tons of money (Apple), Peacock Paramount, Xubo, Freevee, Pluto TV etc. Granted some of them are not so good but they are in the market place and do pick up scraps here and there.


Gambling And Fight-Sport Regulation

Who's Watching The Store?

This matter is an example of historic relevance, but it has modern lessons as the matter of mass-gambling no doubt will be addressed all the more by more and more regulation. This is not often a good thing other whenever there is overreach, but we are headed there fast now.

This example itself is a bit off the topic, but it is the off-season and winter so after thinking about it, I figured why not to post this one. It's also a very informative and entertaining clip from somebody who is deep and well in the know from his criminal past.

Franzese is spot on with regards to the underlying matter as long-suspected by most people any more with regards to the sport of boxing, but he does not go into specifics on any given fight or fighter as far as corruption but does cite examples of those who could not be corrupted.

The larger perspective is just why there has to be somebody in charge of watching the store whenever we go down the roads of gambling, including in this case all the more fight-sport.

When so-called "Daily Fantasy Sports" was unregulated in the US in 2015 after laughably exploiting quite the loophole in federal law, it had its run for awhile until means of corruption were exposed, for which there were prior online examples in prior years at any given unregulated, or regulations poorly enforced, for games for prizes.

The State of Nevada, for also business and political motives of course, called their bluff and simply declared the activity as gambling and all legal gambling in Nevada is regulated.

Many states followed and now all such games are regulated, for if it sounds like gambling (or a lottery) and looks like gambling no matter how innocently fun it looks, IT IS GAMBLING.

Anyway, enjoy these 18 minutes for the history here but note I post this to cite the lessons of these experiences and the bigger picture for our brave new mass-gambling and mass-addiction era.


I have heard Franzese a couple of times talk on the radio - I could listen to that guy talk for hours. That dude will let you behind the curtain and explain everything.

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More Graphs, Charts, or Tables for Fans of Those Too

Sports is still in relative terms small potatoes when it comes to the major streaming platforms. That is not an exaggeration as otherwise very strong growth continues in viewing of live sports on streaming.

It is most telling that in the US, Paramount+ has the most subscribers of any major platform with live sports, with ESPN+ a distant second and Peacock last. Paramount+ includes access to all NFL games on CBS in your local market.

Even so for market share, Paramount+ does not even crack the chart linked below!

The data in this first link are through 3Q2022, so with prime viewing in 4Q2022 with Amazon with the NFL games, it will be most telling if the trend for services continues to decline or remain flat but for Disney+ and Apple TV+ showing healthy quarterly gains.

  • Note that Disney+ and Hulu+ are split up on the chart, but combined they have more than 25% market share and would be atop the list. As referenced above, the services may be combined after a massive reorganization beyond mere streaming media at Disney as ABC and ESPN sports and various entertainment content could be spun off for its own standalone streaming service.

  • Note that any service not in the top 6 for market share does not have even 5% market share!

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And in relation to the chart below and a telling update,
Amazon Prime is king in streaming in the US now.

Sure enough, the NFL drove subscriptions to Amazon Prime even above those added by Netflix.

Think I am exaggerating about the NFL impact for Amazon? Well there's more below in the article in Variety in the second link about Netflix's success in 4Q2022.

Certainly there could have been other drivers, but I don't doubt for a second it was mostly the NFL.

Interestingly, look at Paramount+ leap 3% in market share to even make the chart and be even with Apple+ TV!

"Tulsa King" might have done the trick.

For those interested, it started out slow and then was solid before it fell off a cliff, no longer interested, in Episode 7. Be prepared perhaps for a let-down, but it's all your preferences of course.

Many series on streaming, which are appealing enough beyond Episode 3 to keep watching, seem to go that way straight off a cliff by about Episode 7 for some reason.

After Episode 7 if it works out for you, it seems like the show then becomes heavy binge material with multiple seasons.

The theme song to "Tulsa King" holds up for good all the same. It is how television theme songs were for a long time before they screwed them up some time give or take after "The Sopranos."

Netflix reported its fourth-quarter 2022 earnings Thursday, revealing financial performance for the three-month period during which the platform’s cheaper, ad-supported plan launched and the new Tim Burton drama “Wednesday” regularly dominated the weekly Top 10 rankings.

The streamer added 7.66 million net new subscribers in Q4, compared to its own estimation of 4.5 million additions.

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