Streaming Wars For Live Sports, Entertainment, and Gambling

The fool didn’t realize that though the apps game the bettors now, which is why I would never bet with an app because I am playing chance not also artificial intelligence when I gamble, just what and who manages the app now!?


Others will get caught too, with most of them usually hooked by such time, meanwhile, that live betting continues, which is one part of the core problem many of us could see coming once we heard about the legalization of even live betting not merely sports betting before the game as we knew it.


You’re right that this fool was stupid and probably greedy too as he benefitted financially.

If there was no algorithm but a human overseeing bets to look for oddities, I would speculate that he still would have been caught.

In what world did he think that an $80,000 prop bet on whether he scored 6 points or more or whether he played at least 5 minutes wouldn’t be noticed? That kind of bet would stand out like a sore thumb to say an $80,000 bet that LeBron would or wouldn’t rack up 30 points in any given game.


Yeah - true statement - there is no person on the planet that is insane enough to bet $80 grand on him doing anything. A lot of these guys are just not that sharp.


The problem is not legalized/regulated sports betting, its actually part of the solution.
These things don’t get caught in an unregulated market.
Jontay Porter didnt wake up one morning, see a Draft Kings ad and say “Wait, you can bet on sports? well I play sports. So if I bet on myself I could make money.”

This is an adult that made an adult decision and he will suffer the consequences.

The idea that legalized betting is the reason these things are happening is absurd - it’s the reason they’re finally coming out. And there will be some that say “Well what about the smarter athlete that does it and doesnt get caught” - you’re right, but it didn’t start happening when betting became legal, it’s been happening forever. At least with regulations there’s a chance it gets caught and punished.

CFL players bet. I know this for a fact. They bet on themselves, their games, other games, etc. And (some of them) don’t bet enough that it would ever flag anything, but don’t think for a second this started with legalized sports betting. It’s been going on for years. Hell Brandon Banks practically admitted it on Twitter saying something like “Good thing I got out before I got caught” or something stupid that only he would say.

Regulation works - and this guy getting caught is proof of it.


@Paolo_X I was listening to Michael Franzese a decade or so ago and he was talking about how there was nothing better than getting his hooks into an athlete. He explained how they think just because they are an alpha on the basketball court they can come into his chosen profession (crime) and be proficient at it. He said they learn very quickly that they don’t have the skill set to do well and that before long they are doing his bidding.


The idea that legalized betting is the reason these things are happening is absurd - it’s the reason they’re finally coming out.

Please don’t misunderstand my statement. I do not have an issue with sports betting.

On the second quote, I don’t know who put out that idea, but it was not me or anybody else I have read on this forum.

There are some additional comments in the NBA thread too along these lines.

As I stated there are clearly issues, and I also have issues, with the LIVE betting.

There is a vast difference between what is now sports betting, which includes LIVE betting, and what many of us knew as sports betting before the betting apps, which hardly included live betting if at all.

Otherwise you are correct, but your post is based on a premise that I do not have, for I have always been in favour of sports betting as a bettor myself in the past.

There may be a voice, but I am not aware of anybody here on the forum not in favour of regulated sports betting.

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This is also true and can continue to be the case, though it is far easier to be caught now for those engaging in those hijinks.

Then comes the game changer that is betting apps with LIVE betting during the game.

Now the cheating can take place without the wise guys and does as well, and here we are predictably.

The regulation has to be on top of any live betting, and there should be LESS of it including elimination of certain props.

Meanwhile there has been too much money rolling in for anybody to get serious, but here is Adam Silver belatedly at the very least.

I have also a bridge to sell you here in Philadelphia for anybody who thinks that’s the only NBA player or other professional athlete on the take on this front, for of course as learned last year, there was also the Premier League player Ivan Toney who was caught as well as others over the years in soccer circles.

The NFL also had a record number of players last season, but nobody high profile, who were caught in violation of NFL gambling policy.


My Apologies I missed where you said “LIVE” twice.

The idea that the NBA promoting gambling and the fact that it’s now legal leads to this issue is one that I see often on social media and it frustrates me. This has been happening forever and will continue to happen. Just like PEDs.


Pretty sure the NFL rule is no gambling at all, the NBA one is no gambling on the NBA.

The NBA rule is better imo


Now Apollo teams up with Sony so as to sweeten their offer, and a bidding war is upon us.

April 18 (Reuters) - Sony (6758.T), opens new tab Pictures Entertainment and Apollo Global Management (APO.N), opens new tab are discussing making a joint bid for Paramount Global (PARA.O), opens new tab, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The companies have yet to approach Paramount, which is in exclusive deal talks with Skydance Media, an independent studio led by David Ellison, though some investors have urged Paramount to explore other options.

The competing bid, which is still being structured, would offer cash for all outstanding Paramount shares and take the company private, the source said.

Back in 2018, Sony did have a presence in streaming via also an app called Crackle, which at the time was embedded in my Comcast cable service.

Crackle on my TV then performed better than do clunky and lagging modern streaming apps, including Paramount+.

Crackle was purchased by Sony in 2006 and remains available for free in the US, but I have no idea what’s still offered on there, but it’s free.

I can see an integration of Crackle with Pluto TV, and simply pulling over the rest of Paramount+'s content with much of it having been migrated to Pluto TV, and then relaunching Paramount+ for perhaps only live sports, and then maybe bundling the two for another offering of course.


As this news comes out, this article states that the NFL rule is no gambling by ANY players or league employees in any team or league facility or venue (i.e. such as neutral site games or the area designated within the Super Bowl, including even player presence in sporting books in the weeks before the game).


Netflix’s US$7 per month service with ads, which rolled out in November 2022 and then also in many countries, including Canada and the UK into 2023, has been a success.

But as noted in the article, this is about as good as it gets for a streaming app.

Netflix gained another 9.3 million subscribers to start the year while its profit soared with the help of a still-emerging expansion into advertising, but caught investors off guard with a change that will make it more difficult to track the video streaming service’s future growth.

The performance announced Thursday demonstrated that Netflix is still building on its momentum of last year, when a crackdown on free-loading viewers relying on shared passwords and the rollout of a low-priced option including commercials revived its growth following a post-pandemic lull.

Investors increasingly are viewing Netflix as the clear-cut winner in a fierce streaming battle that includes Apple, Amazon, Walt Disney Co. and Warner Bros. Discovery — a conclusion has caused its stock price to more than double since the end of 2022.


I would imagine that Canadian numbers would be similar.
Cable/satellite less subscribers every year.


“Only about a 22% decline over five years you say? Hold my drink.”

All the same as noted in this thread, there is a heavy migration away from paid streaming apps now as well, so it’s a brave new world.

Some cable firms have adapted to the reality beyond the cable bundle, which has been the case since 2010, with far broader and better offerings than others (/cough, Comcast).


I see that DirecTV, which I had for many years now offers internet programming. I still wouldn’t go with them.
Internet only for me but I do have an attic antennae and I can get the local CBS/NBC/Fox/PBS and a bunch of Spanish channels

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And right on and now that’s the dominant strategy, and thanks for reminding me that I have to improve my antenna this summer, for I am still missing the ABC stations.

It still amazes me how every month I seem to have a few more free streaming stations direct to my TV, and that’s the future now as stated above.

But even with all that, like more people than ever, most of my viewing is Netflix and YouTube (though the frequency and quality is on the decline as more of them quit, often for the better given all the clickbait as YouTube is becoming more like TikTok) when it’s not a live sporting event on CBS, NBC, Telemundo, Fox, or Univision.

It makes one wonder why anything else is still on those stations!

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I was surprised how many free channels are on my Roku stick.
I just got kicked off of Netflix, after all this time I was part of my daughters household package and now they are cracking down and I’m blocked.
The only pay per view station I have now is Hulu.


Amazon Prime Monday Night Hockey will show all NHL games for next 2 seasons in English in Canada. They will have their own broadcast team with details coming later.

This is Rogers sub-licensing part of their NHL rights to stem the losses from overpaying for it 10 years ago.

Apple TV+ has shown a handful of Friday night Blue Jays games. So, this is really the first foray of the major North American pro leagues to go to a streaming platform in Canada.

it is estimated there is about 8 million Prime subs in Canada which is about the same number of subs for TSN & SN.


I’m putting this post here on the matters of players gambling, whether or not in violation of private team or league rules when otherwise there are also potential violations of law even with legal gambling, because it looks like many modern fans don’t realize some things have always been against the rules and on some occasions also illegal in any given government jurisdiction.

Nowadays somehow those who make such bets are also magically afforded some degree of less guilt or even victim status after it is disclosed that perhaps they were drunk, high, and/or addicted to gambling.

Oh boo hoo hoo. Nobody uncontrollably bets on their own team or their own team’s game when there are so many other bets to make if inclined. Malarkey!

That’s why gambling has regulation much like anything else that can get out of control.

In Cuba in the 1950s during the rule of military dictator Fulgencio Batista after he returned to Cuba in 1952 for example, the casinos were either unregulated, or any regulation at hand was hardly enforced.

Complaints mounted enough that Batista turned to none other than Meyer Lansky and the American mob to run the casinos, for even the criminals knew how to run a fairer game.

Liberally speaking since at least the 1990s in the US where gambling was legal, running a fairer game has not been left at all to organized crime after most had been rounded up.