Streaming Wars For Live Sports, Entertainment, and Gambling

Here’s what is happening, which I mentioned above though was not new because when I had cable, Pluto TV was also available via the apps in the menu.

“For old people” indeed, for many of us prefer to watch video on big screens and not on phones! :disguised_face:

Shoot I didn’t need reading glasses until about four years ago.

Many of those cable channels became obsolete during the pandemic as far better FREE content flooded YouTube. There were no more commercial breaks, or far shorter ads one could also skip, with far better content and candor that would not make that TV screen due to those “advertisers” (sometimes true, often not and the industry’s euphemism or scapegoat for far more common censorship of late).

Now not a week goes by when I am looking through live channels, not necessarily often with live programming, via over-the-air or Google TV that I don’t notice that some former cable channel is now free in the line-up and re-branded.

Even the content creators have migrated, for they know there is no longer any good reason to be stuck behind some cable paywall so as to reach viewership.

As commented above, the NFL already has figured this out and MLB has started to figure this out more as are doing the NBA and the NHL including to reach the younger audiences, who either cut the cord many years ago well before the pandemic or who on their own never had the cord!

The CFL with Genius Sports has figured out a fundamental direction with CFL+ for viewers outside of Canada, but of course we’ve commented on how that solution has to be improved plus also regular TV options though not necessarily stuck behind cable.

Within Canada, the CFL better take a hard look beyond TSN and its paywall.


This whole transition to over the air broadcasting is crazy to me. And I mean that in the context of living my whole life paying for cable to see sports, behind a paywall and it is crumbling. Something that I never imagined could happen up until the last few years.

I would liken it to the fall of the USSR back in the day - something that had been their your whole life is suddenly gone. A monolith that was supposed to stand the test of time - and suddenly it is washed away by forces that are out if its control.


Seems crazy and a real step backwards for these teams to revert to over the air broadcasts. Millions of people going out and buying antennaes? it’s 2023

I don’t know that the teams have a choice - cable TV is all but dead, that said I do think that people who are sports fans are going to transition to Over The Air for consumption of sports content. I think that there are far more people who will watch sports if it is free than will sign up for a streaming service.

as @Paolo_X and I have said I think we are in one of those nexus points with entertainment/delivery/technology. Like transition from radio to TV - or cassette tapes to CDs - Blockbuster to Netflix.


How is it a step backwards at all to reach a far larger audience, with advertisers ready and willing to pay MORE for ads?

That’s what has been happening already every month, with the NFL getting it right first and now MLB and the other bigger leagues already on course.

Most people with antennas attached to modern TVs are more than fine, including many of those paid cable stations now free and more and more by the month.

Most people have agreed that cable is and has been a rip-off more and more. There’s your step backward. 2015 was a very long time ago.


Note that these are small outfits - one is in rural Kentucky. You either go to streaming or OTA or combination of both. Looks like this outfit is going to be an internet only provider.


Bad officiating will kill off the league and it’s dreams of wagering billions and turn it into WWE.


Federal scrutiny in light of mass public impact now via record gambling is not far behind, not that it’s going to be for the right motives or reasons.

Rightly or wrongly enraged, when a mass of people complain about a business, the politicians are often not far behind.

Of course the NFL has good friends in Washington anyway.

These sorts of moments are the ones I figure that will lead up to more gambling regulation, which should have been at hand already beyond the state level for all the hijinks taking place, such as the kind of advertising in states where sports betting is legal in the US when otherwise those kinds of ads are outlawed already in some places where sports betting is legal.


I like this move by that company. All but the big companies will follow, and let’s note that Comcast owning NBC is not a good thing for its future or the public.

Essentially as this cable company will offer is what I have via T-Mobile and a Google TV.

It will be interesting to see what Verizon does along these lines, which is available in some markets as a competitor to the local cable company.

The key is that the consumer should choose the programming bundle for himself instead of the cable company creating the bundles for the consumer like it’s still 2005.

Comcast of course feels that they must choose bundles for their consumers, complete with far more ads for their own crap, including to push that Peacock crap and so many other of their awful corporate brands over other content.


A telling moment took place on ABC on Saturday night at the awards ceremony for the champion of the in-season tournament in Las Vegas, the Los Angeles Lakers.

In a poor decision, the NBA elected to have an employee of ESPN, Malika Andrews, let alone she has had a very bad reputation now amongst fans of the NBA, present the trophy.

Somebody well over 50 amongst the NBA executives is way out of touch again with the preferences of the dominant and younger audience, but this still happens still a whole lot in the sports leagues and especially in cable media circles.

Andrews received quite the round of boos from the crowd. If you have heard about her hijinks for months now in covering the NBA and especially her non-coverage of a recent matter involving a player, perhaps like me you also feel she deserves those boos.

But she or any employee of ESPN should be nowhere near the trophy presentation anyway. It’s the NBA and the players and not the network who should be on that stage or have the microphone. Flash to ESPN and their intrusiveness in college football ever since they got more involved since 2010 for what happens next, but that’s another thread.

Somebody should also have informed the NBA that beyond the poor choice of Andrews, people generally don’t like cable in 2023 and simply to not choose somebody, of all the celebrity options at hand especially in Las Vegas, who works for a cable network in 2023!

This is even more the case with the younger demographic who are now the dominant NBA fans.

I have zero doubt the NBA will be shopping the rights to the in-season tournament aggressively, and for its success and more money at hand, it is unlikely to remain behind a paywall on ESPN if on cable at all but for perhaps TNT, which otherwise has a positive reputation in general with NBA audiences and has always covered the NBA better than ESPN.

If ABC were to remain in the mix, they should simply go back to ABC Sports and scuttle the ESPN branding altogether for their biggest events. For starters, I’m sure the NFL won’t miss having ESPN on the branding for example.

Here are a few clips of the episode, and this is merely one of several channels on YouTube that cover the NBA who have mounted in criticism for her antics at ESPN for some time now:


Away from ESPN more games go unless you are a Big 12 fan and into watching mostly pitch-and-catch track meets with poor defense:

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More consolidation in the streaming and formerly cable TV business space.


MLB Likely to Say “No Thanks” to Peacock and NBC

The fewer rights to live sports for any of the major streaming services, the less reason for the owner to continue to lose hundreds of millions on them.

Notice that NBC certainly did not pay MLB very much for these rights, so perhaps this was merely a friendly test deal by MLB.

Recently on CNBC, also owned by Comcast, there was a segment about “re-bundling,” which of course is more narrative that feeds into Comcast cable propaganda like usual. Regardless of the inherent conflict of interest in the reporting of such news, that’s the direction that TV is headed.

With the hundreds of millions of dollars lost per QUARTER, we are assured that overwhelmingly most people are not going to pay, or pay very much at all, for a sluggish and laggard streaming service even for live sports.

Years into these services as I noticed yesterday, from the time to launch to the time to view live content is simply far too long at two minutes plus minutes right now, which I found to be the case with Paramount+ along with glitches during coverage.


Speaking of Peacock. There will be a Peacock only NFL playoff game on Wild Card weekend.

Not gonna go over well in the US if you ask me

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Indeed you are correct.

This is worth a repeat post from May in this thread.

This is how it shall go over. Arrrggh!


This is the same Redbird that owns the XFL - Interesting play being made by Redbird.


The CW is still adding material - Or looking to add material - I don’t watch wrestling but I know that a lot of people do watch wrestling, and with the death of Cable TV it has to go somewhere.


The jury is out on just what the CFL will do with CFL+ for those outside of Canada, and in the US or anywhere else I don’t think it would be difficult to simply simulcast any broadcast to Paramount+ so as to reach that audience already there as well.



I don’t know if this one has been put up here before - if so I apologize for the duplication of efforts.


Comcast and NBC en Route to Admitting Defeat on Peacock?

This battle has been raging since September 2020 for many a fan of soccer in the US. That was the month when Comcast, in the midst of a pandemic and after price hikes to cable subscriptions, decided to try to coerce their customers to sign up for Peacock by shoving all the Premier League matches onto the platform on a weekend.

The uproar was fast and vicious, including in particular because this was done so suddenly in the midst of a pandemic.

This weekend on Saturday night, NBC is attempting the same tactic with a Peacock exclusive via the NFL, but I have non-news news for you folks. It will NOT work.

I do have one prediction already. NBC and others will go ahead and spin the occasion positively no matter what.

Most cable subscribers in the US who are fans of the Premier League have not forgotten what Comcast and NBC attempted to do in September 2020, and many also had canceled their cable subscriptions altogether ever since.

The occasion and the general cable industry had a massive blind spot with another lesson how NOT to try to screw over your own loyal customers - damn your “but it’s only $5 per month!” sales pitch that also has doomed many other streaming services with such corporate group-think complete with awkward board room high fives.

So here today I see the schedule for the Premier League games as they start their holiday run for about 10 days.

This weekend, only THREE games are exclusively on Peacock and not on regular TV.

To me this is an early admission of looming defeat.

There is no doubt this is NOT what NBC had in mind in 2020 when they launched this hare-brained lousy app with a name that resonates heavily familiar with only most of the audience watching “60 Minutes” the most, who also are definitely watching TV on any given app.

This is good news for fans, for perhaps this is the first sign of the beginning of the end for Peacock perhaps by the end of 2024 after the summer Olympics.

May Peacock also disappear for NFL fans as well unless quite simply the simulcast like usual, though that can be done under simply a better brand name like before the Peacock app.

(you might not see the US networks via Canada via this link instead of perhaps the Canadian offerings, but basically all games are on USA, Telemundo, and/or NBC except three of them)

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