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The Staid Common Cable, Now YouTube, Documentary or Series Prelude or Promotion

Certain things are much the same in too many places even now despite all the access to different media and resources. I have some fun in noticing such patterns.

This was par for the course for most any CNN documentary in the US a few years ago, also by Anthony Bourdain, for example.

Whether formerly a cable TV series or documentaries as the dominant game in town, which are still around and remarkably unchanged to any great degree despite all the cord cutting, or the average YouTube video produced during the pandemic, this guy nails it not only for such productions of the UK but in much of the English-speaking world.

It would not be so hard to copy any one of these. Try it yourself and if it helps you, use the David Attenborough voice.

Here was my first-go this morning:

“We began with merely our childlike curiosity, only to discover that we had embarked on the journey of a lifetime, so as to share with you now our experience in dramatic fashion, sponsored by our favourite brands of fine products, you see.”