Streaming Wars For Live Sports, Entertainment, and Gambling

The executive establishment in the NBA, and though to a lesser degree also the NHL, had not only underestimated this declining driver of viewership via cable but also the increased competition for the entertainment dollar of especially those who are 35 and under. That demographic does not just sit and watch TV. A majority don’t have cable or satellite TV any more as of the summer of 2022, and of those amongst those 35 and under, you would be hard-pressed to find perhaps 25% who do!

Even many of us older do not sit and just watch quite as much live sports either, including especially when the game is a dud.

The product and spectacle have changed forever.

The NBA cobbled together this “mid-season tournament” as well as cracked down on “load management” abuses, but how did we get here in 2023? Before the pandemic, those issues were already growing issues that were left unchecked.

Another flaw of Silver is that he allowed Lebron to dictate too much of the narrative of the league even in the media well off the court or any entertainment stage, for Lebron also owns a talent agency and even has his hack Nick Wright on FS1, who was exposed recently as such.

Silver better start thinking of the future NBA beyond Lebron NOW, for that act has been tired since at least 2019 but for his usually mindless fanatic band.

Sure let’s credit Silver for the exposure and turnout that has improved much for the NBA Playoffs since about 2013, except for the lower interest and ratings during the pandemic like for virtually all leagues, but here in 2023 the interest from the casual viewer in autumn is quite low. And in the cold winter how’s that looking?

I am not so sure many of these executives realize they have to shore up what they have at the core before they launch ambitious expansion campaigns.

MLB has finally figured this out with the messes with the Rays and the A’s before proceeding with expansion. Meanwhile, I hear the ratings for the recent postseason games have been solid.

The Premier League has figured it out (yet now has a newly serious officiating problem).

MLS seemed to have figured it out before the pandemic, but now with only dominantly streaming exposure in the US via Apple TV, the jury looks out to me.

The NFL most certainly has figured it out as well of course in moving far more games to ABC from ESPN.

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