Streaming The game?

I cant seem to find where I can fine the game in the net so i can watch it again, I know its possible as iv done it before, i cant find the location Please help !:frowning:

Check the column in the top centre of the page. Click the link "VOD: Eskimos vs. Tiger-Cats "

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Thanks a tone! Now to grab a beer Sit back and watch the game as i only was able to listen to the game on CHML!

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My advice would be to bookmark's CFL section because they will have the games on demand for each week located on that page. :wink:

I dont know what your financial situation is, but I would recommend buying a PVR, it will change your life. I think I replayed lastnights INT TD about 7 times. :lol:

Hahaha We'll see about that! howmuch are they

I have the Bell 5900 PVR which I rent as part of my monthly ExpressVu satellite TV package -- 80 hours of programming can be recorded on its hard drive. The PVR concept IS awesome.

There are a number of options. The first article is a good start.

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The thing is the only time I watch TV is when football is on, other then that I dont like TV

Ah don't bother then, my PVR cost me $400 from my Cable Provider (which I felt was better then renting for $19 a month) but I watch quite abit of TV, record movies etc. I cant stand commercials shutters

HOLIE FART!!! thats WAY tomuch money. Hahaha :slight_smile: