Streaming of CFL games

Even Usports stream the games. Unless you have a subscription to TSN, which I wouldn’t mind paying for, the only TV I watch is Rugby 7s (streamed or live) and Canadian football at all levels.
The CFL has to enter the 21st century with regards to streaming. This generation is not watching traditional TV. Get TSN to offer a streamed package for CFL or stream the games.
Sorry, Just ranting because I can get all my Usports and Rugby 7s streamed and the oldest professional league in North America is still in the 1990s.
I live in BC 6 hours from the nearest city with a stadium and still see 4 to 10 games a year depending on budget. I am an Argos fan and have only been to 2 games in since BMO opened.
I hope Randy reads this and acts like he does on missed calls in Winnipeg.
Go Argos.

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I agree. It's about time the league and TSN got on board with streaming.

They do provide streams to most countries outside of Canada and the US, so if you connect from an overseas IP address you can pay for a stream.

But hopefully they make that service available in Canada sooner rather than later.

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the fact that CFL is on TSN is insulting
i can watch aNFL games on CTV w/o a sub
allowe CFL games to be broadcast by CBC - they already have a very good stream policy and infrastructure
the 'c' in CFL stands for canadian
1st 'c' in CBC also stands for canadian
CFL needs 'eyeballs' whether by streaming or OTA or sub if u so wish
CBC is supported by cdn taxpayer $ so why shouldn't OUR tax $ support a cdn institution
hell they broadcast hockey

As of this season, you can watch the CFL online without a cable subscription if you so choose; but all options do have a pay-gate. The options for watching CFL games online are:

tsn cdn streaming sub -

Yes. It is indeed not free.