Streaming Games Online

I just got an e-mail announcing this service.
$9.95 for one live game???? $6.95 for an archived game???? Seems awful steep to me!!! is $99 for an entire season.


yeah i just got that email not getting it, itd be a waste of money for me to watch it when vidoes on my computer are slow, and i can watch all the games except in the peg unless the blackout is lifted..for me its a total waste of money..for the american users its better for them

Im in the states. Still seems pricey. Hopefully I can catch many of the games on the various sports networks down here. I get the sports lovers package from DishNetwork so get around 30. Watched a bit the first week & the video quality seemed much improved from the Grey Cup game.
I have had excellent luck with the baseball streaming video by the way. Very acceptable quality.


I would imagine those online PPV charges would be in Canadian funds, so those south of the 49th might get them slightly cheaper (darn high loonie). But if you don't mind waiting, just stream the archived games. However, having a high-speed (Cable/DSL) connection would be essential to utilizing the service to its optimal capacity.

Will local games be blacked out? It’s not mentioned in any of the articles - here, and on TSN.

I believe it is very great that they orchestred a feature allowing to stream the games online. That's big.

However, they botched the marketing by asking 9.95$ to see one game. The best thing would have been to offer it for free for a few weeks to see how many people watch the games online. Let people get accustomed to it. Let them try the gizmo to see how enjoyable it is. Let the need to watch again online slowly create itself. And of course, build a viewership, which you'll be able to get sponsors with.

And then... later... you'll introduce a small viewing fee.

I really don't know who would pay 10$ to see a regular season game on the computer. I understand this is a costly feature which demands a lot of broadband, but if the price is not right, they will sacrifice potential buyers who would have join in with something more affordable.

I agree.

Another good idea from the CFL, but once again they are shooting themselves in the foot with the $10 fee.

all away games are on TV and I have season tickets for the homes games so no use for me.

I live in Korea right now and have been for the last 2 years. I was home for a bit 1 year ago and went to has many games I could. This is a great feature for me. The price is a little high, I can watch the games for about 4 bucks that are old and plus the exchange rate. I will try it out for the hamilton or argo game.

This is a great initiative. Its got Bob Young written all over it. However I agree that the price is steep - probably about double what it should be. I'd also like to see a season package for a reasonable fee. I'm sure there are a few expats that would be willing to shell out a couple hundred for such a subscription.

Weeks ago, I commented on subscribing to games via internet before the CFL announced it because the arena football league was already doing it. Obvious advantages here. Extra source of revenue for CFL. Fans can watch non-televised games because of local blackours or foreign location. For a pay-per-view, $10 isn’t bad but higher than an online movie. Maybe a high price is needed to offset startup costs or product of short time value.

$9.95 is outrageous. I would be surprised if 1 person purchases a game.

It should be FREE. I don't pay to watch a CFL game on television? or do I? I pay my television company. Which is the same as my internet provider, so it's basically like watching the game on a second television.

If anything, the CFL should charge $9.95 for the entire season - next season it should go up to $19.42, ok?

Included in the subscription they could have a daily CFL show, also CFL SNAP, TSN FNF pregame, and CBC coverage.

Then it might be worth $9.95 for 1 game.

Arcived game? should be $1.03, or free.

Or $2.12 for the entire season.

I see only CFL teams purchasing this so they could watch other teams games. Then again, you could just tape the game, and watch it at home.

Who is running the CFL?

shoulda been $9.95 per week. ( 4 games usually )...or $2.50 a game.

but its nice that i can watch the games i was at, to see if i made it on tv...cuz i think i was on tv for the argo-ticat game.

At least the put a test link to see how it will look on your computer

click on test your computer

looks good on mine running full screen 750kbps...nice!

why don't you just tape the game.

This is actually a pretty good deal if you are away and have a laptop or something.

so what's it look like?

I'm going to after the game, looks cool

I seriously doubt that they charge less to US customers because of the exchange rate. When we visited Ontario everything charged on the Visa was in US dollars not Canadian!!!
I still think the price is much too high!!! MLB is $99 for the entire season & includes streaming video of ALL regular season games, radio of all games both home & away broadcasts, a Baseball's best archive library, personalized highlight reels & there are even introducing a multi game player this season so you can watch several games at once!!!!