Streaming CFL Games

Yahoo has signed a contract with NFL to stream the Oct NFL game between Buffalo and Jacksonville from London. Yahoo is paying $20 Million for this single game .
My question, has there ever been any discussion on streaming any CFL games?

TSN already streams them all in Canada, if you have a cable package. I’d assume their contract includes exclusive streaming rights. Doesn’t ESPN show them all online in the US on ESPN 3?

The only live on line NFL games are the preseason games. ESPN 3 has college games from all the conferences live but not NFL.

Ah sorry. I meant ESPN 3 streams all CFL games.

TSN already streams them all in Canada, if you have a cable package. I'd assume their contract includes exclusive streaming rights. Doesn't ESPN show them all online in the US on ESPN 3?
The only live on line NFL games are the preseason games. ESPN 3 has college games from all the conferences live but not NFL.
Ah sorry. I meant ESPN 3 streams all CFL games.
Yeah, ESPN 3 has all the CFL games, last year we connected a laptop to TV's in a local sports bar so we could watch the CFL with friends and have some wings and beer. CFL went over real well after NCAA and NFL fans watched a few games. Hope this year ESPN shows more CFL on their regular stations.

Well alright. I don't really know what this thread is asking then. All the games are already streamed online across North America.

I'm sure Yahoo has no interest in streaming CFL games. Even if they did, TSN and ESPN have exclusive rights in Canada and the US.

Americans have more access to streaming CFL games than Canadians do. Most internet companies in the US now carry ESPN3. In Canada you can only watch CFL football through TSN GO.

When I ask the question, I had no idea about streaming of the CFL. My reference to Yahoo was strictly to show the revenue they paid for one game and if the TSN contract does not include streaming rights Yahoo may be interested in streaming a single team in the CFL to see if it worthwhile. $20 Million to start, no, but revenue is revenue for the League/Team. I don’t know if Yahoo could even stream games in Canada. US streaming of CFL is exclusive to ESPN until 2018.
I don’t know, maybe the CFL league itself could do the same as MLB and establish a subscription type stream.

The problem is that TSN has exclusive CFL broadcast rights until 2022. If you want to watch the CFL in Canada you have to subscribe to TSN if you want to watch streaming over the intenet you still have to subscribe to TSN. The CFL has sold all their rights for $40 million a year until 2022.

I learn something every day, Thank You.
I knew TSN had the broadcast rights but didn't know that included the internet.

And it will likely continue as ESPN owns a portion of TSN.

I live in New Zealand (former 18 year ticket holder); what about international streaming? I haven't had the online option in years since TSN-InSync online live options were available. It has killed me! WTF, why is there no option for expats abroad, or have I missed something?

FYI: We here in NZ are getting two NFL pre-season games next year ... ches-in-NZ (Wish they were CFL games :slight_smile: )

The key here is yes, almost every sporting event in the world is availible online via streaming websites, but this is a one way street where these sites are making money off a product they do not own the rights too. Its straight illegal. The NFL is trying to now find a way they can go head to head with these websites and make money themselves through online audiences for live games. 20 million is an absurd amount for a single football game, I just don't see how Yahoo is going to get any value from this deal cus I can't see them depending only on advertising dollars to recoup their money. They are likely going to charge a fee to watch this game, which leads me to ask who is going to pay to watch? If the only option they have is a PC why woudn't they just use an illegal online site for free?

The NFL is definitely doing it right though this is very much forward thinking, if someone is crazy enough to pay you 20 million to stream one game why not, this will be the future. The NHL already has gamecentre live which is subscription based, I am not sure how much money they have made off of it, and other leagues have similar services but streaming is a relatively untapped revenue source for sports leagues and this could be the beginning of a huge cash cow for leagues if they can create bidding wars for streaming rights.

Ciwi if you want to PM me I am 99% sure I can set you up with some CFL streams online this summer.

I used to be able to stream CFL games through TSN on the internet, even live. Last year, I had to buy a television service to do the same thing, and even had to upgrade that service to get TSN2, as some games end up there because of scheduling conflicts.

I tried to buy TSN availability without the TV package, but could not.

The league may need to review the current television service model as more viewers each year are moving away from it to simple internet access.

I cut the cable years earlier and ONLY moved back when I could no longer reliably see the games. Other than that, I really didn't miss it.

The service was and is not worthy of the price.

If not, the CFL may lose current and potential customers.

When I called my cable company to cancel my TV subscription, I was paying $45/month for basic cable with TSN, and I also had my phone and internet from the same supplier. They offered to cut my total bill by $45, so now I get the cable TV for free.

They are so terrified of losing subscribers that they will give away the cable TV for nothing.

If I am out of the country, I use a VPN to simulate an IP address from Canada, so I can log into the TSN streaming service.

People who are not based in the US or Canada have no option except the illegal streaming services which are usually very poor quality, breakdown often and have very annoying advertising. However, streaming will soon replace cable TV, certainly before 2022 when the TSN/CFL deal expires, so the business model is going to have to change.

If I were CFL commissioner, I'd be looking to find a legal way for the rest of the world to enjoy our wonderful game.

The broadcast rights were bought by TSN, they own the rights. There isn’t much the commish can do.

You are right more people are dropping their cable and satellite and just using the internet to stream all their programs, just read that 1 million households in Canada don’t have cable or satellite.
If you live in the US and you don’t have cable or satellite but only internet you can watch the CFL on ESPN3. If you live in Canada and you only have the Internet, too bad you can’t watch the CFL. You can only stream TSN if you subscribe to cable or satellite.

I agree with Kiwi Canuck, I'm in Taiwan and I can't watch the games on the TSN site. I liked when they had the InSync thing to be able to pay for the games. I found some web sites in which I can stream the game live and have been able to download games a couple days after but it's a lot of work. The streaming quality is ok but it's hard to find high bandwidth. Having the option of paying for a quality stream would be nice.

Bob Young, I know you read through these forums and I hope you're paying attention to this topic. There is no doubt that you are a leader with regards to technology and you have your finger on the pulse of where we are headed with regards to how consumers are using the internet for all entertainment options including but not limited to music and tv/movies. People are dropping cable subscriptions by the thousands each year and the next generation will NOT even bother signing up for cable.

In the past two years I dropped my land line for a free voip and I dropped my cable for an HD antenna and netflix. However, I'm struggling to figure out how I'm going to get CFL and ticat games this year. I find it very hard to believe that I cannot purchase a subscription to watch CFL games on line. Instead, TSN is forcing me to buy a cable subscription so I can watch their content online. That's ridiculous and I simply won't do it. However, I would be willing to pay $10-$20 per month for a CFL subscription and I know there are many others that would do the same. By not having a service available like this the CFL is losing out on revenue and the younger fan base that won't be watching because they don't have cable.

Please (if you are not already), discuss this with the board of govenors. Start talking with BELL Media and TSN to come up with a plan to allow fans like myself to purchase a subscription that will allow us to stream CFL games online without purchasing a cable subscription. This is the way of the future. The sooner you can accomplish this the less viewers you'll lose as people walk away from cable tv.

I agree with you that having to purchase a television service just to watch CFL games is expensive and should be unnecessary. I, too, cut the cable a number of years ago, but was forced to reattach it just to see my Tiger Cats.

TSN is a cable channel. It is Bell and Rogers that are the evil empires in this scenario. They determine how these products are distributed.

However, live sports is what these communications companies are buying up and this, I fear, may lead to an increasing possibility of making them pay per view subscriptions (like boxing and wrestling). So, this situation may only get worse.

Additionally, sports leagues are finding their audiences increasingly at home, a trend that may only feed the cable and satellite giants.

The CFL, along with other live sports enterprises, will need to walk a fine line between money and losing current and future customers.