Stream University Rugby 7s National Championships

If you're interested in watching the University championships, you can do it live (and legally) here,

I don't usually pay any attention to 7's and just stick to Union, but I did just read that Western won this. I also noted that this is only the 2nd year this championship has taken place. In any event, it's nice to see Rugby growing a little bit at a time here in Canada.

I don't normally pay attention to 7s either, but there isn't a lot of rugby of any form, so I take what I can get.

When do you expect to move here? Kingston will be hosting a Canada vs. US test match on June 9.

[url=] ... nrugby.asp[/url]

I will be in Kingston in August or September.

Yeah I saw that they are having an international rugby game, was excited about it and then disapointed once I looked at the date. lol

They seem to have pretty big international rugby in Kingston every couple/few years. A bit of a rugby hotbed? I know that Queen's has a great team. Is there much fan support for it there?