Who do you guys think will be the last team to lose a game this year? There is four teams who are left in the hunt. My prediction in the west is: BC 5-0 start or Montreal going 6-0 to start.

edmonton just because montreal is going to lose their 3 game when the esks come to town and they do have it easy till game 7 in bc

as sad as it makes me… lookin at the scheduel im gonna say Saskatchewan at 6-0… BC has to play Toronto again and i dont think we’re goin to get that lucky, and Montreal i think will lose to Toronto and i think Edmonton will lose to Montreal

5 teams left in the hunt, by my count … Calgary hasn’t lost yet, either …


For some reason, I don’t think there will be long streaks from anybody. Teams seem pretty even (except maybe for the bottom two), so I don’t expect a team to win more than 3 before getting its first loss.

…the only streaks in the cfl are going to be in turd and ten’s underpants when I start catching him in the fantasy pool…

Montreal always comes out of the gate fast. I’ll give them the edge.