As you may know, the Ticats spent a week in Winnipeg before heading off to face BC. During that time McManus, Jones, Morreale and Hitchcock played a round of golf at one of Winnipegs finer courses. As McManus stepped up to the 18th tee box, a streaker wearing a Ticat helmet popped out of the bushes and made off with Macs ball. The only thing they noticed about the streaker was that he had a tattoo of an historical aboriginal figure on his shoulder.

Westwood later commented on the incident, Its atrocious that something like this could happen. The word pervert comes to mind. Im kind of hoping the police will scan the area for traces of DNA and this culprit can be found and dealt with accordingly, all the while scratching the image of Sitting Bull tattooed on his shoulder.

I know this story is complete bullsh!t ... there aren't any nice golf courses in Winnipeg ... (comparitively of course)


lol ... that's what gave it away, eh? :wink: