Streak stumper

So... had tickets for the July 26th Stadium opener.... not so much...

After not being able to purchase Labour Day tickets I haven't been to a game at the new Tim Horton's Field and I don't want to.

Don't get me wrong, I miss the game day experience. I love going to games, I feel like I'm loud enough to make a difference for the defense.

But if anyone here thinks I'm going to risk having my first game at THF coincide with the teams first loss at THF you're on some some kind of special crack that Ford hasn't heard about yet.

Keep that streak goin boys and I'll keep waiting gladly

Suit yourself

I for one think this will be a much more competitive hard fought game for either side, then seeing Ottawa come to town, and likely getting blown out.

Espo youre going to have to come eventually. My guess this is going to be the game you dont want to miss. I think we are going to crush them.

Appreciate wanting to not see the team lose but come on out and support the team. We owe Caretaker this much

I'd say that the last time the Ticats played BC it was a competitive and hard fought game but this time the Ticats will come out on the right side of things! :smiley: :rockin:

As for Ottawa - after the beating that they laid on the Bummers tonight, I don't think that they will be an easy blowout - not saying we'll lose - but they'll be fighting all the way - unless they have a "shoot-yourself-in-the-foot" game! :lol: :lol:

Red Blacks not that good Bombers are now just that bad btw to OP no way we lose today :slight_smile: Just saying