Streak Over

From TSN:

"Despite two top teams and cool but comfortable summer night, Percival Molson Stadium was not full. The crowd was announced at 22,317 for the 25,012-seat facility, the first time Montreal has not sold out since June 25, 2002, which was also against B.C. It ended a string of 105 straight sellouts."

Opening night, Grey Cup in the house, pretty good weather. What could have happened?

Totally shocking... maybe Als fans are becoming complacent? When the team wins and wins and wins all the time, it can get boring and your team can't really get better. There's no resurgence and no optimism because you're already the best. I wonder what will happen when the Als start having consistent losing seasons.. hopefully new president Lalonde can lay the groundwork now to prevent a major dip in attendance.

With all that being said, maybe there's an actual reason, but still, very disappointing.

They are slowly jumping off the band wagon because they know their team's dominance will be fading...

In the Als Inside/Out blog at the Gazette it sounds like team officials are blaming the long weekend for the empty seats.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s game failed to sell out. The attendance was 22,317 – short of the capacity of 25,012. The Als failed to sell out for the first time since June 2002 – a streak of 105 consecutive games.

The team, however, generally opens on the road.

“It’s a unique situation to play on a holiday weekend,? president Ray Lalonde said. “We have a real push the day of the game to sell the remaining tickets. Today, a few weren’t sold. We’ll continue to push hard.

“But I’m not surprised. A lot of people have left for the (holiday) weekend. We’ve got to deal with that.?

yeah, I was fairly shocked when I heard about this. Would love to hear from an Als fan...perhaps there was something huge happening in town? I am hoping that it was a freak thing...just not something we are accustomed to hearing.

Tough break with Brown to.

This weekend is also moving weekend in Montreal when a large number of leases expire in the city..

Poor excuse, SAD !! :thdn:

I don't think you understand. Thousands of people move. It's massive, and I can imagine that the last thing these people want to do after lifting and moving furniture all day is slog up the hill to McGill. Or they don't want to go out to the game until 10:30 at night before they have to move the next day (which is the traditional Moving Day in Quebec).

Don't be so quick with your accusatory thumb.

This is so cheap it is funny. Ticat fans coming in the Als forum to tell them they are bad fans cause a couple thousand people didn't show up to use their PAID tickets LOL. Go fill up your own stadiums before talking about something you know nothing about. There is a huge traffic problem in MOntreal right now, every event is down in attendance.

Montreal traffic right now with construction and bridge closings (they are falling appart) is causin monster commutes for people. The last thing a lot of people want is to come downtown right now. In fact some can't get home and back in time.

Maybe the Als should move out to the Big Owe for a while. :wink:

Calling people "bad fans" because they don't go to a game is ridiculous and uncalled for. But there is absolutely no reason to be an a-hole.

To flip it on you, perhaps a dude from Halifax should keep his mouth shut about things he knows nothing about. Just sayin'.

I was born in Montreal and Live in Montreal and I drive those roads every day and if a couple thousand people prefer to take off on holiday on a long weekend rather than use their tickets is no big deal.

Ticats can't even sellout their stadium with 10 dollar tickets and 11 for 1 giveaways and some of their fans going to come in this forum and pass judgement. LOL !

Again, I take no issue with you saying fans should keep their mouths shut about people not going to games. But what do you know about what goes on in Hamilton aside from what you read on the Internet? You are just as ill-informed about the situation here in Hamilton as Ti-Cat fans are about the situation in Montreal.

Case in point, tickets for Tiger-Cat games are not $10, so I have no idea where you got that idea from. The ticket giveaway was for a preseason game on a Wednesday night. Like I said, it' s probably best that you say nothing.

Exactly, good point. July 1 in Montreal is not the same as it is in other cities outside of Quebec.

If you look at the season ticket price of the Endzone seats they are $14 so he's not far off :wink:

Source: ... -Chart.gif

Well I don't think it'll ever get to the 2000-3000 people a game that the Expos and Als were getting at the Big O way back. Hopefully not.

Not making excuses for Montreal, because no matter how you slice it, they should be drawing 25000 on opening night.
Having said that, before last year, 22000 in Montreal would have been impossible. We've always been talking about how great of a market Montreal is because they sold out their 20000 seat stadium, now they sell 22000 seats and we think there's a problem.

On the bright side, this just says how far the CFL has come.

Keep in mind that this was people who showed up, most of those tickets were still sold and paid for. I left Montreal yesterday afternoon and the traffic heading out of town for the long weekend after weeks of rain... was incredible.

It is a bit dissappointing nonetheless. That's a big city and a 25,000 seat stadium is a small stadium. At least the club got the revenues from the paid tickets. That's some consolation.

how can you say that those empty seats were tickets bought and paid for?!?!!?

by chance, all those who paid for tickets and decided not to show just HAPPENED to sit in the same corner end-zone section?
yea right!

( speaking of empty seats, did anyone catch the TFC vs whitecaps game earlier this week from BMO? maybe 3000 people in a 25,000 seat is hot, i tell )