Strategy going forward

hook slide…

Only if the tackler “respects” the slide. As someone said earlier - a few players seem to play as if they think “what’s 15 more yards if it slows down the QB”.

Could get hurt rolling your knee in the pocket with no contact.

Old enough to remember Austin basically reengineering a new offense out of necessity for Lefevre and Masoli.

This situation reminds me of 2015 when we lost Collaros.
Masoli who was the 4th string QB at the time was named starter for the East Semifinal against Ricky Ray and won and then came within a miracle last play East Final loss in Ottawa from getting us to the Grey Cup.

Don’t give up on these guys.

Wonder if McDaniel will be available on Saturday for the Cats cause I believe Mac plays a quarter final game in Ottawa on the same day against Carleton.
I am presuming he still fills a coaching role with Mac.

I’m surprised no one ever mentions that game on these boards.

Well the team really came together, sort of an us against the world sort of thing

One thing the 2015 season taught our team is the importance of getting some meaningful reps for your backup QB. With the continuity in the front office, at least we know we won’t have to worry about making that mistake again. Right?

When they first changed the rules to protect a QB who was "surrendering" by sliding feet first, I think it was Ron Lancaster (doing commentary for CBC) who said something to the effect that when a QB slides feet-first, he's putting his faith in the defenders to respect the rule, but if he dives head-first, he's putting his faith in his helmet and shoulderpads to do their jobs, and Lancaster thought the latter were more trustworthy.

Interestingly, starting this year, the NFL treats a head-first QB dive as a "surrender" as well, so QBs can surrender without putting themselves in a more vulnerable posture:

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June Jones tells Tatti and Louie B he’ll check in with Chad Owens to see how his foot is doing but doesn’t anticipate adding another receiver this week.

Says Breaux is full go

Zach was made of glass. Jermiah is a BULLDOG.

No need to worry.

Knock wood, quick!

Agreed! Prior to this injury, Banks had shown himself to be highly durable.

I don’t care about body type or pain tolerance… Injuries happen, in our case in tidal waves.