Strategy going forward

Our receiving core took yet another hit, the run and shoot seems to be no longer an option.

So, for the playoffs, play too our remaining strength… ground game.

With Green back, I think our best hope is to start two backs in Green and White while rotating STE in. Hitch passes with blocks galore should be part of the plan.

Tell the boys on the line to expect a lot of work and get ready.

With such heavy use of the ground game, that’ll open a few key passing plays.

Imo, this might be our best game plan.

You need more support for your opening statement. Please elaborate.

I think hes saying we can't shoot anymore ...only run.....

Referring to Banks.... assuming he's done for the year.

Yup . I think he’s saying that we have a shotgun but no bullets left in the chamber .

Sink in
Speedy B out
Keep on shooting boys as best you can.

i think Steve may have meant corps and losing Speedy is the, referred to, hit taken.
Or, perhaps "core" was intended, as a reference to Speedy, being the "core" of our receiving corps?

Either way, I agree with his idea of going with two backs. And, they need to get the ball into their hands, more often, in ways other than the play option handoffs. In Ottawa, Green averaged 4.1 yds on the handoff plays and averaged 22.5 yds, all YAC, on his two receptions.

I don’t think they are going to change their Offence to fit Sinkfield,
Sinkfield will be added to the existing Offence

and it is still possible for Owens to come back as a bunch of cap space just became available if speedy is out long

If Owens is healthy, I’d love to have him back.

Even if the passing game is still above average, it would be silly to not use the strong backs we have as part of an expanded game plan.

This is where Jones proves his worth as a coach.
All the decades of experience and expertise have to mean something
If it’s just shrug and hope for the best …
What exactly is his value?
What makes him an offensive “guru” ?

Receiver/Running back lineup:

Sinkfield Masoli Jones

McDaniel Green Tasker White

KR/P: Sinkfield

We should take advantage of what speed we have.

I agree with GOTC’s prediction of what our O will look like going forward, with the following exceptions:

-instead of White at SB, it will be Thomas-Erlington
-instead of Sinkfield at KR, it will continue to be Frankie Williams, who is a baller, IMO

I can also see Addison or Timmis replacing McDaniel in the starting rotation at receiver

I also think there is a strong possibility we dress White and Green, and go to some 2 RB formations

We can still move the ball on O if the coaches get creative with these talented players.

No Buren? Seems to have fit in pretty well so far.

GET AGGRESSIVE TIGER-CATS, enough of the wait and see attitude and letting leads slip away. I’ve noticed with this team when they play the role of being in the lead, instead of adding to it, they sit on the lead, stupid plays or bad penalties just add fuel to the fire for Ottawa and other teams to get back in the game and take the lead.

The Tiger-Cats have shot themselves enough times this year and it just brings back bad memories of the recent past seasons of doing the same old style of crappy football!

It’s time to get Aggressive, it’s time to get a rush on the QB and a good sack attack, and drill Harris into the turf at THF!

Run the clock but most importantly dominate and run the score up and don’t look back, if Ottawa gets aggressive with our players answer the call and put the Hammer down on the RedBlacks!

Two games to go, it’s time to play football.


Speedy would really stretch an opposing D can Sink do that ? Also will Jones play a bigger role ? Would it be worth while if Owens is finally healthy to bring him in again!!

No. Even IF his foot has healed fully, he only played in 2 games last year due to injuries. He would also NOT be eligible for the playoffs. Remember - he injured his foot on virtually the first play of his first practice to a sufficient extent that he was CUT. Bringing him back at this stage of the season makes no sense whatsoever.

I believe he would be eligible for playoffs. It was only players traded or released from other teams this year they are not eligible.

Interesting I wasn’t sure either ! He was released last by us right?!

It wasn’t the loss of Banks that cost us the game,
Interference in the endzone
Offside at the goal line
Illegal kick (again) >:(

We have 2 games and many more practices to get Sinkfield up to speed , who I would imagine will take Banks spot as slot. Sinkfield is a huge talent
The REC’s will have to make plays, get open and catch the ball, Tolliver can still return from his concussion protocol.

We will need to run the ball more with Greene and instead of Dressing 2 RB’s as some have suggested
maybe it is time for Masoli to use those read option plays he is so good at running and take off with the ball once the “D” starts keying on Greene It creates havoc on opposing defences.

With Masoli at QB we already have 2 RB’s in the backfield

My concern with Jeremiah running the ball frequently is that eventually he is going to get tagged by an opposition tackler. We know that both Ottawa and Montreal have guys that make borderline to late hits, and guys that make helmet to helmet or shoulder to helmet hits. Even if they are penalized or fined, it does not protect the runner.

When Austin used those plays, Jeremiah was the second or third string QB, not the starter. I don’t like the idea of featuring our starting QB as a regular run option and exposing him too frequently to those types of hits. Would rather see two RBs if the running game is to be featured.