Strasser fired

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I have to say that I like this move. In retrospect, it's painfully clear that Doug Berry was the real brains behind the offense. Strasser's play selection was unimaginative, repetitive, and generally poor. Hopefully this opens the door for Chapdelaine to step in, either as O.C. or head coach.

We need an O.C. who'll take the playcalling back from Calvillo, inject some creativity into this offense, and realize that the fullback can do more besides pass-block.

Unfortunately it looks like for some reason the club wants to make bellefieulle the OC. I hope to god not though in one year coaching the receivers he managed to turn two 1000 yard receivers into junk. Im sitll holding out hope though that we can get someone thats not a moron like bellefieulle to be the OC of if he does get it then AC does all the offensive playcalling.

In all honesty I was expecting Jones to get fired befor Strasser since the defence for the bulk of the year did not put up good numbers and last year it struggled as well. Strasser was the assistant coach I had the most faith in and at this point I seriously question the direction being taken by the team

I'll reserve judgment for now. Like discipline I didn't think Strasser's offence was very imaginative this year, but like mada I sure don't want Bellefuille taking it over (Edmonton is talking to him, here's hoping they take him).

However, it just might be that Strasser's removal was a condition that our new head coach insisted on before accepting the job......maybe Chapdelaine?

Anyway, they'd better move on a new head coach before all the good candidates are snapped up by other teams in the market for a head coach.

I heard on the Team990 this morning that the Als have called a press conference for 2 PM. The station says that they may have hired Chapdelaine to be head coach and off. coordinator but I had understood that the Als never even asked permission to speak to him. Oh well, let's wait and see I guess. :?

The team 990 isnt the most reliable source but I really hope its to say they hired chapdelaine that seems like the only way that this firing would make much sense.

My thoughts are thath e firing was either a requirement for the new HC to come aboard or a desperate attempt to get bellefieulle to stay here for some reason

CJAD said you can bet its to anounce that Popp will be keeping the head coach job!

Well, looks like Jim Popp is staying on as head coach. Not surprised but I don't see why they had to call a press conference for that.

I have no idea why they’re so high on Bellefeuille. The guy managed to take an offense that had produced four 1000-yard receivers in consecutive seasons and piss it all away. If Strasser gets fired, why doesn’t Bellefeuille?


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Bellefeuille is the new OC. I cannot frickin believe Popp has done this. Between this and hiring himself as the head coach, it really feels like there was no effort made to seriously consider outside candidates for the positions, which is ALWAYS a bad sign. I don't care who has the inside track; you should always do your due diligence and take a serious look at other candidates before you make your decision.

I am afraid for next year. I really am. Bellefeuille managed to ruin our once-elite receiving corps in just one season as receivers coach. What makes Popp think this guy is going to turn our attack around?

Now more than ever Im hoping that Calvillo calls every play on offense. He knows the offense better than this moron. I had a bad feeling about this as soon as they ditched strasser.

I agree with you discipline it really looks like they didnt even try to find someone else. Every report said the ydidnt even ask to talk to chapdelaine, they made no waves. Popp is not a coach and Bellefieulle doesnt know offense im really worried about this team now. Calvillo can call all the offensive plays but if we gotta rely on chris jones to organise our defense on his own id be seriously worried

Do you guys honestly think that Bellefeuille is the reason we didn't have four 1000 yard receivers again? Quick, name the only team to have two 1000 yard receivers this year...that's right, the Als. Offence, and passing in particular, was down across the whole CFL. Add to that Terry Vaughn who left, and Stala who played at least half the year hurt, never getting into a groove, and it's no wonder that the receivers didn't put up numbers like the year before. At the pro level, a receivers coach won't change the fundamental way a receiver plays. That is, he won't affect a receiver enough to start dropping balls. While he will do some coaching on skills, he's more there to help the receivers with the playbook. Where to go, what to do in different situations, what reads to make in zone/man, things like that. You really can't blame him for the perceived drop-off in production from the receivers.

I personally think this could be a good move by the Als. Sure they didn't go with the popular choice (Chapdelaine), but they got someone with previous experience, who knows the players already, and who has experience coaching in a run first offence (Sask) and now a pass first offence (Mtl).

Als_All_The_Way, if a receivers coach is there to teach them what to do in different situations and what reads to make, what does it say about Bellefeuille when our receivers never get open, run the same predictable routes, can't come back to the football to help Calvillo, and are generally invisible most games? That's on Bellefeuille. Obviously he wasn't the only problem. The receivers themselves struggled, Strasser had no playcalling imagination, Calvillo had neither imagination nor execution, and our pass-blocking was horrid for most of the year. But Bellefeuille has to take his share of the blame here. I don't understand the logic in firing the O.C. but hiring a guy who was part of that same anemic offense to be the new O.C.

Really, what bugs me about this hire is that they didn't even try to interview other candidates. Popp has admitted as much. They briefly spoke to Buratto, never talked to Chapdelaine, never created a shortlist of candidates. They just hired their boy. That is bad hiring policy in any business. Same goes for Popp. I like and respect Popp as a GM, but I think his ego has overshadowed what's best for the team. If he wanted to do his job properly, he would have interviewed three or four outside candidates for both head coach and O.C. THEN if he'd decided to hire himself and Bellefeuille, it would have been somewhat understandable. As it is, the hires reek of favouritism and connections over qualifications and experiernce.

Bellefieulle was the biggest problem with the riders offense when he was there. His playcalling was atrocious all he owuld ever do are short passes and runs no matter what the score of the game is and how much time is left.

I agree with discipline again this clearly reeks of favrotism and connections as opposed to the most qualified. It bothers me that they didnt even talk to chapdelaine or anyone for that matter


No doubt, Marcel was brutal in sk too, not sure why people like him so much.

Now is you chance - I am speaking for Kevin Strasser and for the person who thinks Doug was the brains behind the "O" let me ask you something how did Winnipeg's Offence look this season? Let me ask you something else, What was Berry's responsibilities? I had WR's 4 (1,000 yds) two seasons in a row and was in Charge of the passing game (co-OC) the likes knowone in Montreal had seen before (I quess I forgot how to be creative in one year huh?), and Coach Mac had the run game for the last three years so yeah, your must be right. Why is it the Berry offed me the OC job in Winnipeg? Don't be fooled by what is going on, you can fiqure it out. Bellfae's contributions this season stank.

Um, that post was incomprehensible. Come back when you can string a sentence together that other human beings can understand.