Strangely as it seems , we are still in it

With 3 games Left each for the Esks and the Ticats :

Any combination of ESKS wins and Ticats losses that add up to 2 means we are out .

Edmonton has two road games vs Montreal and BC and a home game vs rival Calgary.

I see Edmonton losing all 3 and with certainty the two road games .

So all the cats have to do is win 2 of their next 3 games . The games we could likely win are at home vs WPG and away vs the Argos.
Chances are that last game vs the Argos won’t mean anything for the ARGOS and the could sit players like Ray , Knackert, Owens
And it’s likely the Calgary Edmonton game will mean something to Calgary with SASk on their tale for 2knd .

If Hamilton can beat Calgary in Calgary that would just be a huge bonus

I did the same math this morning.
The only problem is that I expected us to beat Winnipeg and Edmonton over the past four weeks and yet here we are.
Who know what to expect from this team week-to-week?
After enjoying the Montreal game, I made that trip to Edmonton with a high level of confidence that the prairie drought would finally be over and we were back on track. Wow.

You are acting like the only team to catch for the Ticats to make the playoffs is Edmonton. What about Toronto? The Argos and Eskimos have the exact same record and Hamilton actually has one game left with Toronto. It is more likely for Hamilton to catch Toronto than it is Edmonton. However, they would have to win by 8 points to officially take the season series.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Hamilton actually caught Toronto and finished 2nd in the East. They would actually host a playoff game this year. Not a likely scenario, but it is possible.

i think Hamilton would have a better chance to catch Edmonton than Toronto because of Edmonton's very tough schedule .

I think the Argos will beat WPG in toronto this week and all we have to do is tie EDMONTON.

Hamilton has to start playing like the team that has beaten the ALS a few times before any of this becomes a reality .

Another strange thought is that if the cats win all of their last 3 games then EDMONTON has to win 2 of their last 3 against MON, BC, CAL ...

As I said on the @boxjboys twitter page... There is no way Edmonton is winning two games against their upcoming schedule. So the Ticats need to win 2 to tie or 3 to ensure they are going into the playoffs. But the way the Ticats have been playing, who knows what team will show up... so its more for the Ticats to lose themselves then Eskimos to win out right...

This is all a moot point.

Sorry for busting anyone’s bubble - but we are out.
This Team has lost the room. We can’t catch; we can’t tackle; we can’t score; we can’t defend; and we can’t coach.
Otherwise, we are a pretty good Team.
When we lost back-to-back games to the Argos, I knew we were in trouble. We haven’t recovered since.
The only reason we are still in, is because of the ineptitude of the rest of the pack.
I have backed the Cats for years, and still do. But consider this year a goner.
Time to wait another year…

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I agree, The Cats have the worst defence in the CFL, There is no chance we will beat anyone, I expect three more
loses . :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I disagree. It's the CFL and anything can happen. Especially if some of our fresh faces on the D-line are able to return from injury.

I'm thinking that if even one of the Davises is back, that gives us a bit more pressure on opposing QBs, something that has been lacking in almost every game this year - with the exception of the game they were both there. Both back would be even better. And we need JJ back as well; unfortunately, we don't seem to have a good backup LB for the weak side. Of course having Knowlton back as well would be ideal. But without any of those players, I'm not liking our chances.

Same goes if the Argos lose 3 in a row and Ticats win 3 in a row, Ticats get 2nd place and host a playoff game :wink:

Actually, they could even win one, as long as we beat them by at least eight (I think). I'd have to look up the rest of the tie-breaking rules to see what happens if we are tied with them, have same win/loss against them, and have the same points for and against as them. Does it then go to total points for and against, or record within the division?