Strange Win Against Calgary

Now THAT'S something you don't see very often! Did someone forget to tell Calgary that they had a game tonight?? Not to take anything away from BC's effort, but Calgary's offense was brutal! If anyone earned themselves a return to next season, it was done tonight by Mike Benvinetes. I think our D played their best game in 3 years. And Dudes - can you believe our kickoff returns? Davis was on fire! The only person I felt bad for was Paul MacCallum. He deserved # 7 & 8. Perhaps he was thinking too much about the record(?). It was so good to see Jamal have a good game; he was so due. Couple of huge questions remain though: Who does Wally start at QB next game? Casey looked scary out there. What's happened to his confidence? It seems shot. Travis didn't exactly tear up the field either, but he did execute the plays that were called very well, and it earned them the win. I think Casey should sit out a game. I honestly feel bad for him; he's lost his focus, or something. The other noticable factor was our O-Line improvement. Mr Newman's presence was duly noted.

calgary just saving themselves for their back to back with montreal

Hey BC fans! Congrats on the W against the Stamps.

As to "saving temselves", I don't think the Stamps did themselves any favours. The Als are coming off a grity come-from-behind W while the Stamps stunk out the joint with a L and they will be playing a team with an identical W-L record. Should be a great home-and-home series!

Only living in Calgary for 8 months but I'm glad I got to go to this game. Weren't many BC fans there but it made it that much better when we kept on stifling their offense. Disappointed McCallum went 6/8 after making his first 6 but the Lions special teams were on fire last night. Davis had some insane returns and that made up for their lack of offense as the scoreboard will show.

Got to go with Printers next week. His fumble issues have to come to and end at some point, and Lulay wasn't exactly productive.

Can't wait to play Winnipeg twice in a row. Both them and the Lions are better than their records show and I would be relieved to take a 1-1 split in the coming 2 games.

First off, congrats on the win Lions.
I am getting tired of the Casey show (or should I say NO SHOW). I was so glad when Wally pulled him. He did the same thing in the previous games against Toronto (nearly costing us a loss) and Hamilton. I'm talking about the continuing fumbles. You would think he would have learned by now. He seems to get rattled back there, dancing around, then getting sacked, and sometimes fumbling it away. He needs to roll out more and if nothing is there, run. He use to run a lot more, keeping the defence guessing wheather he would run or throw, and was more successful. Something has to change here and he should be on a short leash now!
Way to go Lion's D (Banks you can cut the throat slashing thing out - totally uncalled for). And super game Mr. Davis! :thup:

a little late getting in here but.....

Huge win. Makes the loss to Hamilton sting a little more doesn't it? Calgary started the game soft and may have been looking past the Lions a bit to the Montreal games but in no way took the night off. The soft start was turned to frustration as our D simply stuck it to them. Our secondary made some great plays on the ball and our D line kept BooHoo-ris from getting settled.

What can be said for Davis and our running game? Probably the opposite of what can be said for Printers, but a solid effort indeed.