Strange technical issues with the forums recently

I received alerts while out at dinner tonight that the forums were having issues loading - the second time in two weeks as I recall. For the moment I did a hard reboot of the servers to get them up again but will dive further into the issues in the morning. Sorry for the downtime folks.

happened a couple days ago as well.

Thanks for all you do Sully

I’d give you a thumbs up emoji, but there isn’t one. (hint, hint) :wink:

I blame Kevin :slight_smile:


Thanks, Sully. Like most web administrators, you are an unsung hero.
These forums are among the best I’ve seen. And I really enjoy the “Rookie” and “All Star” and other designations showing how long someone has been on the site and how many posts they’ve made.
Keep up the great work!

There are also issues with Ignored Users’ posts showing up anyway, and not just in quotes in other posts.