Strange Start Time Catering to MLS?

I find it strange that a Saturday game, all by itself, featuring an eastern team would start at 9:30pm EST when it could easily be earlier to accommodate Tiger-Cats fans. After looking through the TSN broadcast schedule, I saw that there was an MLS game on right before. What is the deal with that? I'm from the west coast and even I don't like that start time. If the CFL and TSN wants to continue the league's strong growth, they need to be showing games at fan-friendly times.

Starts at 7:30 local time, don'it? 9:30 start isn't ideal for me, but it seems to me that 7:00 or 7:30 is a normal start time locally.

It would make sense if there was a game before it, but there isn't. If there's only one game on a Saturday, it should be starting a 8:00pm EST at the latest, in my opinion.

its all good.

if people love the league they watch, it doesnt matter the time. i have to wake up at 4 am to watch aussie rules. lol. thank God for pvrs

I really hope MLS doesnt have OT. cause its already on the fence of this game ending on time for the stamps game.

they don't need to start at 6 local time just for eastern viewers, but I do think it could've been earlier than 9:30 / 7:30 local ... I don't think it's a big deal though especially since it's not all that common.

You know, I’m not even sure why this would be brought up as an issue. TSN’s business isn’t promoting the CFL. It’s broadcasting sports, which includes broadcasting CFL games, but obviously isn’t limited to that. Occasionally, some other sport is going to run up against the CFL, in this case MLS. Of course, as holders of the broadcasting rights, they have some obligation to the CFL. But they have just as much obligation to the other sports as they do to the CFL. It might be inconvenient or annoying to me, but I don’t think TSN did anything wrong here.

It’s all about money and ratings. What draws more ratings CFL or MLS soccer? I don’t even need to look up the answer to that question. What’s the point of TSN2 if they don’t use it in situations like this. MLS would have done fine on 2 then the Cats-Stamps game could have started at 7 or 8. Poor planning by TSN.

Hey fellow footy fan. TSN treats the sport like shit though. Second time this year they have changed the day and time of the game and I've missed it. And once I only saw half of the broadband game because they removed it while I was watching. Thank god for bit torrent.

Who really gives a rats ... for the MLS?

That’s my point. Why were they not on TSN2 when a CFL game was scheduled. I think they had some level of NASCAR on TSN2, surely that gets better ratings than MLS.

There seems to be a trend right now with late saturday games in the host city. Argo's have 2 in a row late sept/oct.

I would much rather have MLS or soccer on before the CFL than lets say, Nascar, or golf. You know when the game is going to end + about 8 minutes MAX extratime. So I have no issue with that.

Besides, When the TSN Schedule first came out for both CFL and MLS, There was 2 conflicts I stopped. Since then one TFC game time was changed, and another one was moved to TSN2.

Infact I just noticed a few more conflicts.

MLS - Saturday, Sept. 17 Colorado @ Toronto 7:30pm/4:30pm TSN
CFL - Sat Sep 17 BC 0 Calgary 0 07:00 PM

MLS - Saturday, Sept. 24 Seattle @ Vancouver 7:30pm/4:30pm TSN
CFL - Sat Sep 24 BC 0 Saskatchewan 0 04:00 PM
CFL - Sat Sep 24 Winnipeg 0 Toronto 0 07:00 PM

Theres a few more.

And the MLS Cup is already relegated to TSN2 probably due to CFL playoffs.

I can see from an eastern standpoint a late game from the west sux. For me in alberta, its way easier to go to, or even watch a game @ 7:30 then 4:30 or 5:30. we run into the schedualing agrument a lot every year. I guess im just so casual, i dont think about it a whole lot and look for as many postives as i can. it would be nice though if the games were on the exact same time every week. like a weekly TV show, or how hockey night in CAnada is written in stone.

That's exactly what I want to see. I'm like most of you guys, I'll watch any game whenever I can whenever it's on, but when the league is trying to attract new and casual fans, those poor start times hurt. The Ontario markets are suffering right now and Montreal has yet to sell out a 25,012 seat stadium. I don't like to steal ideas from the NFL, but it works: having games start at the same time every week makes it very easy for fans to plan around.

And PiCat, I guess you're right, TSN does have to promote other sports. But when a young kid is watching a Toronto FC game and then is too tired to watch a Ticats game afterwards.. Let's just say if that kid grows up to be an diehard MLS fan, the CFL may have missed something.

Set game times for 2 of the 4 games a week would help the fans, help ratings and should make scheduling a little easier. A Friday night could go with an 8:30 start to allow for BC viewers and a Saturday afternoon game.

I agree, especially with the Friday night game. if at least one friday night game was at the same time, it would help rating a lot. When a television show is moved from day to day or time slot to time slot, its pretty much death for that particular show. Fox has this issue constanly. CFL should learn from this. I will even go one step further... if at all possible, as often as possible one hour of that time slot should be used during the year for CFL stories, transactions, draft specials, trades, Hall of fame info, ect. i know they would have to work around hockey. just a thought. Like how TSN always has "thats hockey" and such. but im a dreamer.

I do

And I give a rats ... for Aussie Rules Football and NLL, but I know I'm in the minority and those sports are going to take a scheduling backseat to pretty much everything else. Despite the involvement of Canadian teams I would expect MLS to take a backseat to more popular sports, like say CFL, but Saturday's scheduling shows that TSN seems to see it differently. Too bad because the other broadcast options would be disastrous.

The TV numbers are so small that it is virtually family and friends watching, infomercials do better.