Strange Days Indeed in Ti-Cat Land!!!!

First off in regards to our QB situation as far as I'm concerned I agree with Chris Schultz and Milt Steagal on the TSN panel, let Kevin Glenn be our full time QB in Hamilton!!

Glenn is 30 years young a vet yet he could easily still play 5-7 more years plus if he stays healthy. Quinton Porter has lots of time to mature and I'm not even sure he is or will be our future, for one thing you have to be able to win on the road not just at home and good teams find ways to win and bad teams well they find many ways to lose games.

Quinton Porter does not look comfortable most games he plays, he certainly does not look like a starter or a vet QB if you compared him to most QB's in the CFL maybe except for Cody Pickett of the Argos. I mean how many times have we seen Porter hang on to the ball and take the sack, the big loss, rather than just unload the ball, throw it out of bounds like a seasoned vet would do and keep the field position. Also, his play calling is easy for defenders to read, just look at Porters face and you can tell straight off where he is throwing the ball. I agree with most, he's young give him time but in NO way is he currently our starter on this team over Glenn, No way. I would much rather see Porter play a back up role to Kevin Glenn, I'm sure he would learn much over time if he has a future here or not in Tiger-Town.

I think Porter was our starter prior to Kevin Glenn last season but when the Cats signed Glenn I think Marcel should have designated Porter to the back up role along with Adam Tafralis, frankly I think in many ways Tafralis shows more poise as a young QB than Porter currently does and should be given a equal opportunity to show his talents.

Also, where are some of our other talented players, where is Terry Caulley for one?? I think a double back set with Deandra Cobb and Terry Caulley would be great to see as some cat fans have mentioned or bring in Darcy Brown the young Canadian at Full Back and I'm sure he could open a few holes for Cobb and be our short yardage guy.

I believe that most of our talent is here with this team I think for whatever reason we are just not using many of the players who could really help the Ti-Cats to win more games.

We are in the CRUNCH of the season, the last remaining five games and the Bombers are breathing down our backs in the East, It's time Marcel to get a full team effort on Monday and Win against Winnipeg or it could be another touch and go year and another long off season.

Happy Up-Coming Thanksgiving Weekend to All Ti-Cats and Fans and lets Eat the Bombers Raw!!!

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I agree with your comments re Glenn and a 2nd back - would be nice to see. One thing I did like was screen plays and usuage of Cobb on passes

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