Stramge season of 2011!

This has been a really strange season!
No team seems to want to run away with anything...
The Als seem to have fallen off their perch
The Riders gutsy wins are not here this year
The Esks shocked everyone with their start, and have since fallen from grace
The Stamps have potential but fall apart every 3 games
The Lions started week, much like the last couple of years, and are now the hottest team, much like the last couple of years
Hamilton will come up with an impressive win, then not show up the next game (seems like a OC issue more than anything)
The Bombers looked like they were going to run away with things, but the loss of Harris hurt and the O has not looked promising like they did at the start of the year last year prior to Buck getting hurt
Th Argos have a solid D, and a horrid, yet improving, O. From a good season last year they are a disappointment thus far, seeming to have lost the magic of winning close games.

It really has been an unpredicable season where it seams a team can either shock the league by blowing a game or an impressive win at any time. At this point is there a favorite? There are definitely the Argos and Riders as underdogs.

Strange season
Gotta love the CFL

edmonton and montreal are the real jykle and hyde teams, followed by hamilton.

Edmonton and Montreal may be the Jeckle and Hyde teams but the Ticats are the bipolar/borderline schizophrenic team of the league.

At least the Bombers are being consistent ... beating the best and losing to the worst. WTH !!

Easy to agree that teams parity is ideal for entertainment and business. Predicting the future isn't easy. Most people are right or wrong roughly half of the time. Contrary to common beliefs, favourites and home teams overall have a 50% chance of winning in 2011. Again as in previous two years, blindly betting pointspreads of road underdogs have been profitable at online bookies.

Ya, these guys are really throwing a wrench into people's pool picks when they play the basement teams.

The bombers only loss to a non-last place team this season was in week three against the stamps who were 1-1 at the time putting them in second place in the west. Ive never seen anything like that before it's like being the overwhelming favorite makes them nervous.

Hamilton just seems dead set on getting that .500 record for something like the third straight year which will lead to predictions of next year them taking the division