Story on Nick Setta

Great article, up here we always talk about punting averages - the guy that can boom the kick the farthest is the best. It doesn't matter that our punters usually outkick the cover team and we have a high rate of punts returned for TDs.

With a guy like Setta we have someone that can boom the ball sky high and has great "hang time". It's definately an advantage to punt the ball high and have your cover team in position when the returner is catching the ball.
Better to have a 38 yard punt with a great hang time and no punt return than a 45 yard punt with a 10 or 15 yard return.

Setta can kick it 45 with the hang time too.

I thank the football Gods for giving us Nick Setta! The fact that they brought us a Notre Dame product almost makes me teary eyed! The 2 football teams I love the most, Tiger-Cats/Fighting Irish, together!

And realistically he might not be our saviour...

But if he can kick a 20 yard field goal he's already done better than Jamie Boreham! Thank god that 5th stringer is gone.

Jamie sends you his best wishes, too.

I’ve always had a fondness for his wide (right) smile.