Story on Kevin Glenn

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They want Kevin to take off and run a little more this year.
All I can say to Kevin is PLEASE HOOK SLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another ticat offensive weapon in the play book, this is going to be a fun season..


Our offense will lead the CFL in points this year with ease, at least I think we will

Totally agree. Those two hits he took in the Als game were frightening.

Honestly I was shook on the first hit, however I think Kevin is a lot tuffer than anyone gives him credit for.
He is very smart and I think he knows when to hook slide to avoid getting laid out..


Was just looking at the pre-game predictions on the Winnipeg forum. Apparently Kevin Glenn is 0-4-1 when starting a new season. Its time to fix that guys, lets eat em rawwww..... Cats by 20..


Thanks Grover, missed this one. Glenn isn't the fastest guy for sure but maybe just ok enough to pull a surprise time to time.

IMHO Kevin Glenn is the leader of this offence.
This was his team right from the beginning of camp.
This team will only go as far as Kevin Glenn will take them offensively.
His confidence level should be high after a great season last year and his good friend Khari Jones as his O/C.
The addition of Avon as another offensive weapon can only put a bigger smile on his face.
Lets not forget we had the worst running game in yards per carry in the league last year, there should be a big change in that statistic this year.
We have the leader and the team to go all the way this year.
Kevin Glenn is by far the best Q/B we have had since Danny Mac

Kevins Mother :wink:

Well, I just hope you don’t have much in common with a certain former Ticat’s father. :wink: