Stormy weather ahead for the Lions..

All non active QB"S report to the BC Lions, the way the boys are playing in front of there QB, they will need plenty of ball chuckers. Shoulder injuries are with the player all season long , only time will heal them, and the constant pounding of the starting QB is not what the doctor ordered. Printers stock is dropping, because he is alway's under pressure from the opposing defenders.Dickerson is one good shot from watching the rest of the season from the sidelines.The third stringer is fresh for now, give him a game or two and he'll be feeling the pain also.

Should put out the fries.

O-line is not to be blamed for Printers being sacked so much against Saskatchewan. If you watched the game at all, you would have noticed that he often had plenty of time to get rid of the ball or run, yet all he did was run into the Rider defenders. The hit that knocked Dickenson out was also not the O-line's fault, it was simply bad luck. He did toss a touchdown pass on the play. With the bye week coming up, and a game in Ottawa, the forecast seems 24 degrees and sunny to me. Actually, when you're 9-0, make it 28 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

"Dickenson is one good shot away from watching the rest of the season from the sidelines". Agreed. Name me one quarterback who isn't.

No Stormy weather in BC...(Other than today's rain) We have 3 quality QB's that can get the job done........Next post

Lions lead the league in QB’s getting crushed, sometimes it’s the QB’S fault, but on saturday night the Rider def line looked like they were jumping out of starter blocks straight to the QB, thats healthy for any hurt Qb…

Agreed Sportsmen. Love how people are trying to pick on the 9-0 Leos.

One Qb eh, well they are all more than one shot away from injury, except Dickerson, you see he has this shoulder falling off,and he is constantly answering the telephone, saying hello to the dial tone…

Don’t worry, another 3 losses from the Riders and Winnipg and you clinch a playoff game. I will safely say you have clinched, even if the Lions never won another game this season.

Tank: If you look at Dickenson’s injury history, he certainly seems to be more fragile than a lot of quarterbacks in the league. However, every team in the league faces the possibility that they could lose their starting qb with one hit on any single play (Greene didn’t even last the first 10 minutes of the season last year and he was playing behind one of the best O lines in the league). It's a simple reality of the game. I can’t imagine that you would believe otherwise.

Here are the latest stats from this site for sacks allowed:


Based upon the stats, the BC oline is the worst in the league at protecting their qbs and subsequently they take a pounding. For Lions fans to suggest there is nothing wrong with their oline is just plain ridiculous, it is the worst in the league and explains why your number 1 and 2 guys are out with injury.

PIGSEYE, sacks allowed is the most obvious but not the be-all for testing an O-Line’s worth. If you watched the Lions last game, most of the sacks allowed were Printers fault. He just did not get the ball off fast enough. Dickenson has also been guilty of this. O-Line actually gives the Lions good time. Look at the turnovers (mostly interceptions) and you will see that the Lions rank among the best in turnovers for/against. Why? Because your QB’s would rather take the sack than risk an interception.

Lions Roar, may be your reciever's can't get open fast enough, And I don't buy your story it's the Qb's fault most of the time....six sacks last week alone,but the O line is fantastic....give me a break..

Roar, I read Blitzs analysis on the Lions site, and know what you are saying, but if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

No team is perfect and every one has problems. The key is that BC overcomes adversity. While dominating the CFL during 2004-5, BC allows plenty of sacks but is also the best offense in the league. No doubt that BC will continue to play well despite problems. Besides, quarterback sacks are overrated. In 2004, the sack-vulnerable and often injured Argos went on to win the grey cup.

sacks are not always the o-lines fault.... in BC's case i'd say it's about 50/50.... when a qb holds on to the ball for 4 or 5 seconds... the o-line has done their job... if the QB gets sacked after that... it's his fault not the o-line... NO o-line can be expected to give the QB 5 seconds every play... but as far as i'm concerned the sacks don't matter... we're a perfect 9-0...

all you fans of other teams can rip on, point out weaknesses, or say what you want about the Lions all you want... but we're 9-0... and nobody else is... so who cares how many sacks against or who's fault it is... i think you should all be more concerned about your own teams... and why they are losing games... but if it makes you feel better.. go ahead and rip on the best team in the league... we don't mind... we know where we sit... and we know that everyone always wants to take down the ones at the top :wink:

Couldn’t have said it any better myself, Chronicguy. The Lions are like the kid in the class that aces the test and all the other students are jealous and bug him about studying too much and writing in the wrong colour ink.

Pigseye, I'd rather be leading the league with sacks allowed than have the second best sacks allowed numbers whilst basement-dwelling. . .

Hate to disagree with my fellow Lion Fans, but I DO worry about the O-line. They Run block okay, put in pass protections there have been some pretty good hits. I don't just look at sacks, but at the home games I also watch how many times the QB gets knocked down. (For which there are no stats) I think both Dickenson and Printers take an awfully lot of knock downs. I would like to see some improvement on the Line.

Me too, but thats not the point, your qb position is a meat grinder, in fact isnt Buck number 4 on the depth chart…JHC, we are only at the mid point of the season and your already down to your 4th string…