Storm Johnson?

Saw that he was released. Anyone catch any info on why? Dude looked good in training camp when I went to watch, and he played quite well against Toronto on Friday (5 rush, 48yds, 9.6avg), was better than both Timmis and Whitlock. I know Timmis has upper hand as a national, Green is apparently coming back, and they just signed Taliaferro but beyond this I am missing something...he seemed to demonstrate he belonged with his play.

All the players in camp are talented, and can do great things - that's why they're in a professional training camp. You can't keep them all.

This happens every season during camp and preseason. The old insert player names here looked great, so why were they cut? The players they know for sure won't be on the team get released before camp is over, because it gives the ones they want more reps with less competition.

Oh for sure, I get that. But when you played better than all the other RBs on the roster in game action it begs the question. Nikita Whitlock fumbled twice on three carries and he's still on the roster. And avging almost 10 yrds a carry is OK I guess. Was he a bad teammate? Did he miss blocks on pass protection? etc. etc. etc.

I rewatched all his snaps and outside of missing a chip block on his very first play (Manziel had the throw the ball away under pressure because of it) his pass blocking was fine.
He made a really nice block on his 2nd play.
He wasn't able to get across the backfield to make a block on a play later on (the 3rd down play where Manziel was tripped up at the last second before he could escape), but he had to go around Manziel to get there, so that would be an unfair expectation for anyone.

So yeah, I'm surprised he was released too.

Just as mind boggling as why Mike Daly who is canadian doesnt get a shot at safety and Courtney Stephen goes back to corner...puts two canadians in the backfield and allows us to play 4 international receivers who are better then any canadian receivers we have now

Your last sentence answered your question. Plus it gives him time to catch on with another team. Quality management will do that.

Tough decisions need to be made in a short time period. Limited game reps available. Practice results, scouting reports all come into play when evaluating multiple players who in total get about 10-15 reps a game.

Yeah, maybe they really like what they see in Taliaferro's film and feel good he's better than Johnson. And if he's not then maybe then cut him and bring Johnson back if he's still free. I dunno. I get it that some guys are just training camp bodies, and maybe he was one of them all along, but when he's arguably perhaps better than all the RBs on the roster (minus Green who we havent seen this yr) it seems silly to release him. Then again if Green returns to form that we saw late last season then this is all a moot point I guess.

It could very well just be a roster move in order to make room for another player. They've seen what he can do already, maybe he's even been offered a PR spot, maybe he asked to be released to resume his adult content creating career, or maybe they could have found meth in his locker, we don't know.

All that said, he looked pretty impressive live. Haven't seen replays of the game though, forgot to set the PVR before I left.

DISCLAIMER I do not have any reason to believe that there were drugs of any kind in "Storm Johnson's" locker, although I do believe that he's clearly stolen an adult performer's moniker DISCLAIMER OVER

Pretty sure Storm Johnson has a non disclosure agreement . :wink:

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Well, that was quick: #Riders sign former #Ticats RB Storm Johnson who was cut on Sunday.

Now, He only has to beat outJerome Messam, Marcus Thigpen, Tre Mason, Zac Stacy and David Cobb. :o

Maybe the Riders' offence is more suitable than ours is for a guy who can average 9.5 yards per carry.

Yes... in a preseason game against a 3rd string prevent defense. I bet you could average 7-8 yards per carry in that situation.

Weird that the other 2 RBs on the roster played against the very same (or similar) 3rd string D yet they were nowhere near as might say half as productive....and also fumbled twice...

They played earlier against better players.

Anyone who puts merit to any preseason performance is being foolish. With all due respect...

Probably. But it's all we have to go on as fans. Plus I think that's the whole point of the preseason.

I guess the coaches weren't sufficiently impressed, based on the combination of his practices and that game.

In pro sports it's virtually always about the overall picture a player offers a team. Happens in the NFL all the time also. I have seen countless players blow it up in the preseason down there, and get cut within hours or days. Doesn't happen as much up here, but really only because there are only 9 teams vs 32.

As to why Whitlock is still there and Johnson is not - Whitlock can play both sides of the ball. And apparently he has played RB before - without fumbilitis beomg a probelm. He's of more value - not that Johnson wasn't good - but Green was due back and the team probably needed the roster spot for him.
So now Saskie has signed him to go along with the half dozen other RBs that they have + 2 fullbacks! Good luck to him getting many reps in their practices! ::slight_smile:

It was well known the Argos didnt play anyone from their first unit, so the whole game was basically 2nd and 3rd string guys with I imagine a mix of 4th. There's not a huge talent drop-off from 2nd to 3rd, at least not enough to justify double the production and 10yrds a carry without simply suggesting he played better than the other backs that game.

I'd argue that when players are playing for their careers/employment so they can feed their families then yes there is 100% merit in preseason performance. You don't think these guys are playing their tails off out there for that reason? Teams literally make decisions on their roster based on preseason performance. There's a reason why they give guys reps, it's not so people can run onto the field and say they played in a pro game. Sure, it's the overall body of work from camp to the game but in-game action is a huge part of this. Otherwise why play?

Yeah I knew about Whitlock's situation and Timmis has the whole National benefit going for him plus Green coming back, but why go sign someone new who hasn't played a snap since last year and basically swap him in for a guy who was probably your best and most productive RB on the roster as it stood last week. Again, maybe the writing was on the wall when Johnson signed and they were gonna cut him regardless for those reasons above, but crappy to have to let a guy go who looked good and put some serious numbers up, albeit in limited action. Woulda been nice if they could have kept him around a bit longer and made cuts elsewhere.

Ah well, Green looked good last year so assuming he returns to form we're fine.