Stopping Job Shopping

If we want to limit movement while under contract I propose:

If the employer wants you fired he has to honor the contract or an agreed payout.

Perhaps its then fair to say if the empoyee wants out he has to pay the employer the balance of the contract or an agreed upon payout.

Perhaps these should at least be in place for any contract over 2 years.

These are not uncommon clauses in other contractual arrangements

If it was me I'd be more straightforward and draconian:

There is no movement allowed for a GM. There is no promotion possible in this league.

The only movement for a head coach is accepting a GM position in the CFL.

I'd disallow coordinators to job shop for HC jobs after December 15 if under contract.

If these are not agreeable then I'd hire someone else. Period

CFL universal contracts with set pay scales the way to go. Makes no sense for a first year HC to make more than the highest paid player in the league.

how does that stop job shopping?

Contract would be drawn up and enforced by the league. No BS clauses or phoney titles. Keeps the teams being "the bad guy".

well i don't get your logic,... but we'll move on

If the contract has no escape clause, how do you get out of it ? NFL honors all CFL contracts....

What, the CFL is some socialist empire to be? Why should the value of any coach be pre-determined by the league?

I fail to see that there is any problem that needs such draconian and anti-market measures. Given that there is no coaches and GM union, establishing something like universal, set contracts would most likely be unlawful as it arbitrarily takes away the general right to freely negotiate amongst teams competing for services.

Is the NFL socialist empire ? The system I'm talking about worked great for the NFLe. In fact that's where some CFL coach got started.

The entire structure of modern pro sports leagues is socialist. In the real world, do you distribute revenue to your competitor so he can rebuild his franchise and "beat" you the following year? Do you let employees out of contracts at inopportune times just so they can go work for your competitor?