Stop your whining Hank

I've seen the replay over and over as well a still images of the hit. Simoni's shoulder was in Hank's butt, arms around his thigh and his head on Hank's hip. Illegal? And he was full extended reaching for him while Hank is running away trying to throw the ball. If this was any other player we wouldn't be talking about it.
Both players, starting with Hank, were wrong to talk to media about it BUT Hank started it with his half time tirade. Totally unprofessional on his part.

I hope the referees do not effect the outcome of next week's game. Should be a good one :rockin:

I'm pretty sure HE'S done whining about it. :roll:

The hit by Lawrence was targeted, it was also by league rules a legal hit. I’d be pissed off as well. Henry said his piece, and believe that he has moved on and is getting ready for the next game. You can also be sure the league will be watching that game a little closer, as will the officials, anything low and flags will be out, unless of course the pro Toronto command centre has told the officials to keep calling the games they way they have been all year. Anyone but Ottawa.

Simoni has been fined for his tirade. Why has Hank not been fined? What he said publicly was also a complaint about the refs not calling a penalty. Now who's the favoured team by the league?

Not sure how many threads you need to open about this subject, but ........... The only ones whining now are the TigerCat fans :roll:

No kidding. Burris said he moved on on Monday morning. Yesterday afternoon Lawrence was still taking shots at him on Twitter. How these people don't see who the real whiners are is beyond me.

Simoni had enough class to apologize sincerely on Monday for things said in the heat of the moment once he had time to cool off and reflect. He reiterated his apology to the officials on Tuesday when he was fined (a fine which he will not appeal as many players do). His acts of apology show CHARACTER . Yes he took a little dig at Hank - wonder why?

Hank also spoke in the heat of the moment and said things that were ill-advised and maligned the reputation of a former team mate. His silence since speaks volumes about HIS character! Classy people apologize when they've had time to cool off BEFORE moving on.

Remind me about who the whiners are again, almost a week later?

Lawrence didn't apologize for anything but the words he chose to express himself. And even in doing that he couldn't be mature enough to avoid taking a "dig", as you call it. You're right that it speaks to his character, I totally agree, just not on how it does so.

Neither man feels he needs to apologize towards the other. so be it. But one of them was adult enough to let it go. The other is Simony Lawrence.

Wonder what Karla Rehberg thinks of Lawrence's classy behaviour.