Granted, he hasn't done a damn thing all year. Maybe a good game or two. The fact remains, the rest of the team hasn't done anything to help! Same story with Danny Mac, Cavillo, Allen...etc. The guy gets NO time to throw behind the worst protection in the league!

Keep it easy on Maas, and stop trying to shuffle QB's. We should keep him next year at least and give him an opportunity to show us his old form from Edmonton behind a "hopefully" different line and cast of players.

My suggestion: Build this team around him, because next to him....there is no Talent in the QB department anywhere else!

this city likes to drive good qb's outta here because they try to cure cancer with a band my 25 years going to cat games. so far i've seen it happen to clements,kerrigan,calvillo mcmanus and now maas? yeah just blame the qb and let the blind lead the blind once again.

What is the answer then?

Can you pinpoint precisely the reason for the team's poor performance and suggest a remedy?

i think it's a lot everything.
hugh campbell in edm would never settle for mediocrity and each season always making changes. here, there seems to be no deterent and the cuts and firings have come too slow letting these players with another stay of execution after a "big" win in the peg.

you gotta coach that doesn't seem to want be there.
you have an o/c who hasn't even tried to fix his offensive philosphy,(no running game still) after watching the offence play so poorly for so long the defence is now demoralized and giving up.

Take a look at this roster and ask yourself a question:

Can this team win? (Assume no problems elsewhere.)

If yes, then the problem is not the roster.

If no, then identify the weaknesses and fix them.

What has happened since the Calgary game, the first game with Ron as interim coach, that was our last home victory?

Recall that up until that point, the ticats had lost several games, but many argued that those games were close and could have went either way.

After the win against Calgary many thought that the real ticats had finally shown up. There was huge optimism.

What happened since then?

Could it be one simple thing that is wrecking the chemistry of this club. I still believe that this roster, as is, is capable of winning big in this league.

Why haven't we seen those ticats since?

Our Offensive system is choking the life out of our players.

Maas, Holmes, Ranek, Flick and Vaughn are all league all-stars who have not lost their massive talents overnight.

That is the system. It has to change. Coach Pao Pao has shown stubborness (or the Patience of Job) in not making any changes to our offensive set.

The 4 yard pass on second and 9 is a killer. The 2 and out offence brought to Hamilton this year makes me wish for the return of Jamie Baressi (shudder to think!!!).

Agree again!

paopao is ruining good talent. How disgraceful would it bee for Terry Vaugn's 1000-yard consecutive season streak end in hamilton. How bout Holmes- this man is a legit 2000 yard all purpose yards threat. Ranek could easily be a 100 yard rusher.
But ive it once and ill say it again, to do anything on offense you need a solid offensive line, fire the line coach along with paopao, the key to winning football games is solid offensive and defensive lines, until we get that figured out, everything else is useless.

fact is...if maas was surrounded by a 20 yard force field he still wouldnt be able to hit a reciever! he stinks!