Stop the Wave?

Wonder if there is any truth to this!

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Sounds like a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Just ask 'Seth'

I think it was more or less a joke, dont really see a wave doing that! Especially when he says we can stop it by going the other way. "Wave Police" lol

Well,if it's on the up and up :roll: then be prepared for another tee-shirt giveaway at the EF. :lol:

Sadly, this is likely a joke.

The wave is/was for circular (mostly domed) the 80's.

Not only is ity annoying, it is done at the wrong time on most occasions.

Did you guys look at any of the other posts on this blog? Of course it is a joke.

Other stories at that link 'CBC to launch 'Bowling Night In Canada' to replace HNIC or 'Two man luge too gay for Sochi Olympics' or 'Hamilton School Board bans pencils'.

so hammerinthenews= the onion lite?

What a joke! I hope this thread gets deleted, I have no time for stuff (selective choice of words to keep it clean) like this. :thdn:

I'm a firm believer that the wave takes away fan focus from the game, and only starts because fans are bored with the game. Hence why it usually happens at Jays games.

Fixed it for you...

You know what's more irritating then the wave is the old 60's thing (Pop's told me) about bringing inflatable beach balls to bounce around in the crowd bothering everyone....they still do it in Ottawa...The guy in front of me has the record of 3 busted in one that's fun....they all needed some laughs to keep their spirits up this year.

Beer snake= dumb