Stop the revolving door with's not preseason

I do have great respect for Coach Taaffe.. the hell is this team going to 'GEL' as a unit if every week new players are added or cut.
They can't...plain and simple.
Eight weeks into the season and we are still moving people around like it is preseason ???
I understand that the Coaches are trying to place the right people into the right position..and the signing/trade with Armstead was a good move since Holmes was being wasted in Hamilton..but I am left thinking about why Coach Taaffe did not use the two tail back set with Lumsden and Holmes for more than just a few plays..several games ago ??
It worked very...very..well.
It was a double threat, yet it was abandoned.
This team has the right people to be a the C.F.L. Yet they continue to look like a group of players..still in preseason...
Rather than blaming the players, this is one fan who is taking a much harder look at the Coaching Staff.
Do we have the right that position ?
I sure as hell hope so.
But I am begining to wonder about it more and more these days. :oops:

I wonder about the evaluation capabilities of the coaching staff. When I see, for example, Corey Holmes and Rocky Butler being shown the door and then see Butler doing better than Maas as a starting QB, it raises questions about our ability to use people. I'll bet Corey gets the ball a lot more now and re-gains his old form.
What plan does this team have and why does it not include using good players to the best of their abilities?

Butler mightbe doing better than Maas, but Butler is not a good starting QB.

I have been asking myself that same question for several games now...
After all it should not be rocket-science to put the players in the postion that best suits their abilities...however for whatever reason this is not being done by this Coaching Staff...
Why ??
Thats the million-dollar question I quess.
I wish somebody had the answer.

That may be but if he is better than Maas, Chang is deemed to be "not ready" and Williams is in the same category......why the heck would we allow Butler to say adios? He should be starting with the Tiger Cats...not with the Blue team. Wouldn't we be better off?
Unfortunately Charlie et al have a "plan" which they have stuck to...and look where we are.

The 'Maas' exparament has not Hamilton.. do I blame Jason for all of it..of coarse not. When you 'clean house' with your team as Hamilton has done this one Sports Writer put it, and you don't change the starting QB..most times it comes back to hurt you..

I hope this thread does not turn into another Maas/Chang debate...
I do however think serious error's are being made by this Coaching Staff..regarding placement of players, and this revolving door thing..with players, week in and week out. Let these player gel as a unit, on both sides of the ball.