Stop the @#$@# quoting!!!!! Please!!!

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Is it just me or is this a bit ridiculous? A quote of a quote of a quote all right after each other. You end up scrolling down the page rereading the same thing over and over again and with each quote it gets longer and longer

Please we all know who said what and it is not nessasary to constantly quote the previous post. I can understand if it comes from the previous page but not the previous post.

Anyone agree with me?

People tend not to read the whole thread and just read the post above, another is very easy to lose the context of a debate with out every site that I have posted on , quoting is the way it is done.


Most web sites ................have quoting.

that is way the quote feature , is offered

And if everyone on the other sites jumps off a bridge will you do that as well?
Sorry I could not help myself
See I can respond to your post without quoting. I'm sure everyone who reads this will be able to follow the conversation

Why don't you just relax, no need to b!tch and complain about everything.

I'm not complaining, I am asking if there is anyone else who agrees with me.
If you dont thats fine.

Sorry............that is why the quote feature is there.........with the edit option............why else is it there?

YES, in a short thread maybe...........but people make comments and then leave..............sometimes four pages have gone by........and you may want to comment on something that is on the first page..........that is why you have a quote opinion.............your have an option not to read those threads.

i don't think that it's the idea of ...............quoting that's getting to them.

It's the posts with like 5 quotes in it, and those 5 quotes are the previous 5 posts. There becomes a point where quoting loses it's purpose, and i think that's when it just becomes annoying.

again he doesn't have to read them.........and the example he uses is rare. :smiley:

Yes I agree but is it really nessasary to quote the previous post? You just read it and it is posted again. Like I said I can understand if it is a page or 2 back but the previous post?

see?... like why the F*** do you need to quote what i said?.... it's right above what you put...

Ok, so far it looks like 1 agrees and 3 disagree.
Keep em comming

3 disagree?? :? i'm with you man... using the quote feature should only be used when it serves a purpose. Quoting the last post is pointless and annoying... so that should be 2 agree and 2 dissagree

..........quit typing like me.........I patented it eight weeks ago.............and I agree that too many quotes really suck..............

.......... <---- that is way too many ...'s 3 is the perfect number of...'s to use :lol:

I agree with the original post, people don't need to quote the whole post just to reply to it. If you want to quote someone, why not just quote the part of the post that you are replying to? IMO it's just people being lazy and I agree it gets really annoying to read through a thread that's full of whole post being quoted over and over again. Use the quote function sparingly and with some thought not just quoting the whole post (especially if it's with other quotes as well). Just my opinion.

I agree with Billy_Soup. :roll:

I also agree, it's getting way out of hand!!

I agree that quoting really drags down the whole forum. I have to scroll all the way down looking to see if there is anything original, then maybe the guy types in two words, something brilliant like "Oh Yah". Please, let's keep the quoting to a minimum. I have never used that feature. I usually read a thread all the way from start to finish. There is no need to quote in 90% of the cases.