Fire the whole coaching staff...blah, blah, blah (yawn). Get rid of Glenn and Porter blah blah blah..(yawn).

Here is a question...if we get rid of Glenn and Porter and the whole coaching staff, who should we bring in?
IMO that is 10 steps backwards. There is no addition by subtraction here. If they all go, we all go - back to being cellar dwellers and more years of mediocrity. If I was told that we would be 8-10, lose the last 2 games of the season to under achieving non-playoff teams and beat Montreal in the first round of the playoffs, (with basically a rookie receiving corps) and go to the eastern final...sign me up.

As we all witnessed, the team was being divided with the whole 2 QB system. Even in earlier games of the season, Glenn would get pulled with completing well over 50% of his passes, albeit no touchdowns and inability to be consistent. Excuse Glenn for losing Bruce, Mcdaniel, etc. Adjusting to brand new receivers and still managing to throw for over 3000 yards and 19 touchdowns. I would bet my bottom dollar, had Glenn stayed in games he was pulled out of and not a victim of the 2 QB system, he would have had another 30 plus TD season, with well over 5000 yards. Glenn has experience, and experience is the best teacher. Glenn is what only 30 yrs old??

Glenn was moving the ball yesterday until he got hurt....but the Winnipeg D just played defense, period. Who knows what Glenn would have been capable of in the 4th Qtr with the wind at his back which was key to a Winnipeg victory. Glenn signed to a 2 yr extension last year, correct me if I am wrong...but not to be traded or released at the end of this season.

I think Porter still needs time to develop and he needs to learn how to throw on a CFL field. I think he has to much air under his passes and it's easier for defenses to make plays as a result.

IMO, i think we add to what we have. Strengthen up the secondary, sign Medlock, and open up the playbook on offense and build from there...we have to learn how to be consistent. The talent is there....

Leave Glenn as the starting QB...i think he deserves it.

We beat Montreal in the playoffs, that must say something??!!??!!

You have a good point. I just think we need more consistency. You cant blame Glenn for everything, but remember he hasnt won a championship and is not a very clutch player especially in the playoffs. Bruce shouldnt have been traded, because you saw what Glenn did last year with him, OVER 5,000 yards. Aside from all that, I think Marcel should stay. Maybe change up the coordinators. BUT CERTAINLY REVAMP THE SECONDARY. Our secondary was weak all year, we lost tisdale and bradley and we never recooped from there. I think Woodny Turrene, Ryan Hinds and Milt Collins should stay. Im not sold on Bo Smith and all the others. The CFL is a passing league and as a team we need to stop the pass and contain the edges in order to win.

Yes your right...Glenn has not won a championship. However, the last time the Bombers went to the Grey Cup, it was Glenn that got them there. He got injured with a broken arm late in the game. To my understanding he is only 32, and may not even be at his peak yet. Did Damon Allen win a championship every year?

Glenn gives us the best chance to win...just sayin....

The are marked differences between Glenn and Allen.

With Allen, you had multiple tools to work with, while Glenn has obvious limitations.

If Glenn gives us the best chance to win, then why hasn't he ever won throughout his entire career?
In 11 seasons, Glenn has won zip. zilch. nada.

and coulda, shoulda and woulda do not count.

exactly, hes done the most he could do here in the Hammer. Maybe it is time to change it up. We'll see in the spring

Saying that Glen is ONLY 32 years of age and that Porter, at 29, are still early in their careers, puzzles me.

Both of these players have had more than enough time to prove themselves. Perhaps they are not the

ones at fault though. Perhaps they require better coaching and play selection.

The Ticats need to do some real soul searching during this off season to get to the root of many problems

that plague this team, including some poor line play and a horrendous secondary all season long.

We can't even proclaim these guys a .500 team any more. They're not that good.

winfield wrote:

   "Fire the whole coaching staff...blah, blah, blah (yawn). Get rid of Glenn and Porter blah blah blah..(yawn).

Here is a question...if we get rid of Glenn and Porter and the whole coaching staff, who should we bring in? "

winfield: In answer to your question...Dave Dickenson or Scott Milanovitch. Henry Burris for a while and make Boltus the backup. If not that then we do what every other team does....make a change and start anew. No big deal. Ask Winnipeg! Ask Edmonton! Ask SaskatchewanI
I can't see that being any worse than our miserable record so far under the Marcel /Glenn/Porter combo.

I read your main post as an apology for a mediocre performance over the past three years. I say let's make a change and fire up this team!
With these young new receivers we have along with Avon and an improved O-line, our offence could be tough to stop. But that won't work when we have offensive guys running in to each other and lining up in the wrong place during the Eastern final!!! To me that is a coaching problem. :thdn:


However...we need improvements on the LINE! Then the rest of it will fall into place!

We need Marwan Hage Back on the Offence and I'm not sure what the heck happened to our "D" :wink:

It all starts on the line...and the long and short of it is the Ticat "linemen" were not doing their jobs. They got out-played.

Doug Flutie in his prime would not have fared better than Glenn and Porter! (except for a couple of poor passes and all the dropped balls.)

Coaching??? God himself on the sideline would have had a hard time with what the linemen were doing.

Get some "O" and "D" linemen and let Marcel have another year with his coaching staff.

END of Story.

Sorry to say I respectfully disagree with Kevin Glenn synopsis. If you watched the teams that will advance to the Grey Coupe you will notice two striking competencies that Glenn does not possess. 1/ An accurate medium and long ball. 2/ Ability to scramble for yards when the defense opens up holes. It is certainly not all Glenn's fault,the OLine can not block the run if their life depended on it. And from yesterdays game, blocking the pass was an adventure as well. It's not Glenn's fault Williams route running needs to improve. I do not believe this franchise will improve until the Cats sign a QB similar to Pierce or Lulay. I may be wrong, however there is a winning formula in the CFL and it all starts at QB. Quinton Porter, that's an entirely different list of competencies. One at a time.


woody wrote: Doug Flutie in his prime would not have fared better than Glenn and Porter!
I'm going to assume this is blatant sarcasm.

Sure :roll:

Interesting observation. Not an accurate one, but certainly an interesting one.

Have you always settled for mediocrity in your life?

We haven't been in a grey cup in 12 years, IN AN 8 TEAM LEAGUE!

Other teams are going to make changes and get better. If we "stay the course" then be prepared for another mediocre season.......if we're lucky.

spot on jordan.
as well, we have won the Cup but ONCE in the last 25 YEARS.

For an 8 team league, that is unacceptable. The long suffering TiCat fans deserve better.

I have noticed that fans of pretty well every team in the league seem to have tunnel vision when their team loses. They constantly look for someone on their side to blame for losing. . . and so it becomes 'fire this coach', 'fire that coach', 'dump this player', 'dump that player', and on and on.

It occurs to me that in many cases, rather than going on a witch hunt to pin blame on someone for the team losing, how about giving some credit to the other team for winning? Their coaches and players get paid to the play the game too.

Sometimes, when your team loses, it's just because the other guys did a great job.

So I'm with Woody. . . on Sunday, Winnipeg's offensive and defensive lines were absolutely dominant. Rather than blaming Hamilton's O and D lines, I give credit to Winnipeg's lines. They played a whale of a game.

Danny McManus wasn't a starting QB until he was 30, and didn't even peak until a few years after that.

Obie, Joe Womack and Caretaker are the only people that get a vote on whether to do something or nothing.
I do not think that there will be any knee jerk reactions taking place.
Everyone will be evaluated relatively soon and then changes will be made.
The non playoff teams are already 2 weeks of preparations for next season ahead of us.
I am grateful I got to witness the Montreal game, the team was fantastic!
I am disappointed in the result in Winnipeg as we all are, and can only hope to get to the final in T.O. next year.
In Obie we trust.

We beat a Montreal Team that was beat up

Missing Starters in the Secondary and their Oline..

Normally I would agree with you this case...I can't..I just can't do it. I can give credit to any team in this league except the Bombers. And it's only because I hate them so much. It just goes against my grain. I'm actually willing to place the blame for our loss on Rod Black.'s all his fault.

Yes, but the same could be said of the Ticats. We were missing a starter from our O line as well numerous starters from our secondary. Works both ways.