Stop the NFL From Coming to Canada

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To: Canada Government

We the Fans of Canadian Football League,
Would like the Government of Canada to Block The NFL
From having a Team Move or Play Games in Canada.

We Feel this will Destroy the CFL and the Canadian Game .
It will cost jobs and Destroy a Peace of Canadian Culture.

Please Stop the NFL From Coming To Canada.

I think Prime Minister Harper and Commissoner Cohon should get together and do the right thing to ensure there is a strong CFL going forward.
The PM or his Sports Minister should make it known they will introduce legislation to protect the CFL if necessary.
Also to work with the Commissoner to upgrade the stadiums in Ottawa, Hamilton and Winnipeg.
Build stadiums in Quebec City and Halifax and possibly London when the CFL has found reliable owners for those venues.
There would probably be howls of out rage from the NDP, spending tax dollars on sports stadiums. But I feel the majority of Canadians would be for such measures.
It not like the stadiums couldn't be used for other events besides football.
Times are good, lets make it work.

Agree that why Started the Petition
I Don't see the CFL Open the door to own Demise

They should get all the parties involved in this.

The entire thing is blown out of proportion because of the Toronto media. The NFL even if it did go to Toronto would not kill the CFL because quite frankly people everywhere else don't care, they enjoy the CFL and they aren't going to magically stop going because Toronto has a team.

I believe the real reason the CFL is worried about the NFL in Toronto is that Toronto (love it or hate it) is the media capitol of the country. We think the CFL gets the short stick in the media now but wait until a NFL team arrives. It would be foot notes.
The perception from many, shall we say luke warm fans, would be the CFL isn't cool. People believe what they see and hear in the media. I don't know why but for the average person that's the way it is.
It wouldn't happen over night like in Baltimore, but over a few years the NFL brand would take over in Toronto and the Argos would be viewed as minor league.
I have also heard that TSN has a clause in their contract with the CFL that if Toronto isn't in the league the money drops significantly. Don't know if that is a fact but it would make sense from a TSN view point.

I forget the exact number however it was said on tsn(off the record) that there was a certain % of Bills season ticket holders that were from Ontario anyways. I really don't think they need to come to canada but I don't think it would ruin the cfl. With how many true fans we have in every city we will never let the cfl die. Well I would sure hope not anyways..

An NFL team in Toronto would not kill the CFL, for the simple reason that the two teams would draw a completely different audience.

Face it. If a fan in Toronto was inclined to think that the CFL brand of football was somehow inferior to the NFL brand, chances are, they're already one of the 15,000 who are making the trip down to Buffalo to watch the bills. An NFL team in Toronto would draw huge numbers of corporate seasons tickets, much like the Leafs do, making the games all but unaffordable for the average fan (rightly or wrongly).

Remember, people said that if Ottawa ever got an NHL franchise, it would kill the Ottawa 67s, but the fact is, after the city got the Senators, the OHL became stronger than ever in Ottawa.

I don't see any reason why the same wouldn't hold true if Toronto ever got an NFL team.

Do you really think the politshuns give a flying crap about the NFL coming into Canada. So far, there are 66 signatures on the petition. They let foreign companies take over our resource industries, they have a constitution that allows immigration laws to be very week. We have a health care system that needs fixing but our polishuns say it is wonderful. They make a big deal about Kyoto although no effort was made to meet the targets. People's lives are being ruined because of a lax judicial system. I want the CFL to be as strong as ever but what kind of CFL would we have if we allowed the politicians their voice. We doomed if have to count on a politshun. They would screw up a free lunch if you gave them a chance. Translate this into votes and some bottom feeding, low life ,trough feeding politshun may listen to you. The CFL will survive.

Those trough feeders get me so worked up sometimes I spell the word , politishun incorrectly, sorry.

If the argos cease to exist, then I say Toronto should be nuked.


Damn that Nuclear Sales Tax anyhow. 500% on Nuclear Bombs. Its as if they dont even want us to buy the things. That's funny. It's those dam politishuns want the nukes for themselves. They're greedy also.

if Godfrey and anyone else trying to get NFL to Canada was to kinda disappear, hoffa styale, it would help end this NFL in Canada crap.

I’m from the states and signed the petition. I love the CFL and am worried that the NFL will not stop @ Toronto. I’ll place a link to this on my blog!