Stop the Music

I agree, CUT the annoying music.

I have been saying this ever since the team started this.

BUT, they are not listening to us.

I guess they can’t hear us over the music!

they even had the music blaring in the last minute of the first half when eakin was trying to call plays in the hurry-up.
that's just idiotic.

Maybe the music contains subliminal advertising.

"Hurry, get your 8 oz cup of domestic Budweiser for the low low cost of $8.95."

Fans have been trying for at least 2 yrs to have something done about this. Guess they aren't listening, or just can't hear over the MUSIC.

The elderly lady beside me puts her hands to her ears when this music is played and the stadium announcer yells rather than announces "lets cheer for the TiCat defence." Something is wrong, somewhere when people start doing this.
I will be getting seasons tickets again next year.

So lets get this straight? You rather go back to the old PA system? As last year or the year before people complained that the PA system sucked or was too low or you couldn't hear the sound.

People, we are in an outdoor stadium. The music/PA system will be louder at the top because sounds needs to travel to the lower end towards the field. Where I sit in box k, the sound sounds perfect. I can talk and cheer over the music and PA.

You know what.. the cats should lower the volume for the next game. Because I bet, when they do, there will be posts about the music being too low for people to hear.

Why do we need music anyway?

Here I go again pleading for the music to be cut back.

As I said before :

We are football fans we are only in those seats because of football.

Rap/Rock music is not relevant to the game.

I have been told that basketball games are played with music at every break in the action.

The Raptors were not.

There are some cute things that they can do with the PA system such as; the Jeopardy Theme while the officials are conferring.

It has me reading the scoreboard backwards.

They can leave the volume up for PA announcements, advertising and referee's calls. Those are pertinent to the game of football and so that Bob can pay for the team. We are only asking that the music be cut back. In my area, Section 7, we cannot hear the referee's calls over the music. If the music is on, we can't hear what the announcer says about the 50-50 draw. The PA announcer and the "DJ" must be completely separated because I don't think the PA announcer would start playing a song as he is about to make an announcement.


This “constant entertainment? practice at sporting events, ushered in by the NBA, as far as I'm concerned is adversely affecting North American sporting culture.

We aren't being given the opportunity to express ourselves, or find a niche as fans because we're being drowned out by advertisements & extremely loud music. The team's play hasn't helped either.

I've found that since the first year of the Bob Young era, we as fans have become mute. I can't even blow my foghorn trying to make some noise for the defence without people giving me awkward looks (Mind you I do blow it in the air and not in people's ears).

Compare this with the impassioned crowds of top NCAA schools or the clubs of association football in rich & impoverished nations alike. Consider the account of a friend of mine who attended a Crystal Palace & Arsenal game at Highbury 2 years ago. He described it as pure euphoria. The fans never sat down for the whole 90 minutes. They sang in unison & cheered every touch of the ball. This was in a sport where you can't just score at any given second. In addition, the game was preceded by some modest music & game highlights. There were no on field promotions & no half time show. The emphasis was on the game itself. The passion focused on the game. No sideshows or loud music, just sporting culture.

In North America, the only thing that compares is really collegiate sports in the states. Yes, the bands & cheer squads provide entertainment other than the game itself, but everything is uniquely associated with the game at hand and the character of the particular institution in competition & nothing inhibits the passion of the fans for the game.

The NBA, NFL, NHL & to a lesser extent MLB as pro-leagues are driving pro-sports in North America toward a circus act. The CFL is aspiring to do the same. This setup isn’t allowing our enthusiasm to add to the atmosphere. Everything instead is a production. It’s like World Wrestling Entertainment. Our North American sporting culture is really heading in that direction.

To help, turn down the music & let’s do more things to get us to use our lungs when the team deserves it & needs it!

Not "Why are you so quiet"... enough of this synthesized crap. Get our cheerleaders to LEAD CHEERS... not exclusively dance provocatively.

So I say this:

Cheer louder than the music. Learn & create fight songs. Start the wave. Never pass on Pig-Skin's Oskee Wee Wee... get enthusiastic & let’s make CFL football... Tiger-Cats football about passion.